Places Dust Accumulates and How to Prevent It

If you’re an allergy sufferer, and even if you aren’t, dust in your home can be a problem. Consisting of hair, dead skin cells, clothing fibers, bits of dead bugs, pollen, soil particles, and microscopic bits of plastic, dust covers the surfaces of your home and gets inhaled by your family. It isn’t just unsightly; dust can make you and your family sick.  

Most of us are far too busy to do an adequate job of dusting, but even if you’re a super-diligent cleaner, there are places in your home that you may miss. Rest assured, dust is hiding in your home, and you need to get rid of it. 

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Places Dust Accumulates in Your Home

Here are a few of the places dust may be accumulating in your home.

Hard Flat Surfaces

Your hard, flat surfaces are the first you think of when you dust your home. This is where dust will be seen accumulating first, so that’s where you can start. Remember, these surfaces aren’t just your coffee tables, shelves, desks, and countertops. You need to think of the tops of door frames, picture frames, and cabinets. Also, the corners of ceilings and light switches need your attention with an extendable duster.    


Hard surfaces aren’t the only ones to attract dust. Your sofa and armchairs collect dust as well. You may not be able to see it, but it’s there, and you’ll need to vacuum your upholstery regularly. Alternatively, you can wipe things down with a damp cloth. Remove the cushions to get the dust that finds its way down the sides and in the creases.   

Underside of Furniture

The underside of your upholstery is also a magnet for dust in the form of dust bunnies and the dreaded dust mites. Upon examining under your furniture, you may even find spider webs. So, the next time you look under your bed, give the floor a quick wipe with a dust cloth, dust mop, or vacuum. Don’t forget the legs and hidden parts of the frame that may have layers of dust.  


You might think that because your bed is so frequently used, dust doesn’t have an opportunity to settle on it, but this isn’t true. Your blankets, pillows, and comforters can become covered in dust, especially with dead skin cells. Add to that the dirt and bacteria from you rolling around on them every night, and you have a ‘hotbed’ of problems – pun intended.   


This one might not surprise you, but your lampshades are just the right texture to catch and hold layers of dust. The dust can eventually discolor the shade without you realizing it’s happening.  

Window Panes and Sills

Dusty sills make sense – they’re horizontal, but your window panes can become dusty as well. Even though the panes are vertical, dust can still stick to them if the glass gets damp, moist, or dirty. Unless you keep them thoroughly clean, your window panes and sills will hold a great deal of unattractive dust.  

Just like the windows and your bedding, your window treatments (curtains, blinds, etc.) can hold a lot of dust as well

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Your beautiful books aren’t just an elegant addition to your living spaces; they’re a dust trap. You’ll know this if you take down a book that you haven’t touched for a while. The dust will make you sneeze and your eyes water. 

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Air Filters and Vents

The dust that sits on your furniture, shelves, and other belongings will get into the air on occasion. When the dust becomes airborne, it will be drawn into your air filters and vents. This is a good thing because that’s what these are meant to do, but once the filters and vents are full of dust, they can’t keep your air dust-free. In fact, they may introduce even more dust to the rooms.

A red canister vacuum cleaner.

How to Prevent Dust Accumulating

Now that you know where the dust is hiding, here’s how to clear it and prevent it from accumulating again so quickly.   

Clean Your Home Regularly

Your best defense against the accumulation of dust is daily cleaning. You don’t have to clean all day, but making sure you dust often means that it won’t be able to layer. Remember to wipe off your surfaces and anything on those surfaces as well. Vacuum frequently and keep things tidy. 

Consider a Professional Cleaning

In addition to your regular house cleaning, you may want to have a team of professional cleaners come in to get those areas you can’t. They have the tools and expertise to clear dust from your home in ways that will leave your home looking fantastic. 

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Wear House-Only Shoes

In some areas, it’s considered polite to take off your shoes when you come into someone’s home. But more than being good manners, not walking around the house with the same shoes worn on the streets will protect your home from all that dust. Up to 80% of household dust, dirt, toxins, and bacteria come in on your shoes! So, enforce a strict No Shoe Policy to prevent dust and protect your family. 

Clean Air Ducts 

To keep your home dust-free, keep your vents and ducts clean. It doesn’t take long to maintain the vent covers and floor registers by washing them. Just a few minutes investment will protect your air. And don’t forget the wall vent covers. 

Minimize Clutter

You can get a leg up on your dust issue if you keep your belongings to a minimum. The degree of minimalism you choose is relative to your family and lifestyle, but keeping your surfaces clear will make dusting easier with fewer places for dust to hide.  

Humidify to Reduce Dust

Dry air leads to more dust in your home because it dries out your skin (encouraging flakes) and has a detrimental effect on your walls and furnishings. A home humidifier adds moisture to the air, limiting dust accumulation and making your home safer for your family. 

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Last Thoughts

Ridding your home of lingering dust can seem like a never-ending battle, but with the tips above, you can locate all the places it hides and even prevent it from accumulating. 

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