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Schedule any of the following services one time or on a subscription basis. Not only will our services make your home or business sparkle, but they will also retain its value and keep it functioning at peak performance.

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Interior Window Cleaning

Accumulated dirt and grime can build up on inside windows unnoticed. We can include interior window washing in your weekly, or monthly cleaning routine.

Exterior Window Washing

Instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with exterior window cleaning. Exterior windows develop layers of dust, dirt, water spots, and other grime over time from being exposed to the elements. We’ll use our ShineBright Crystal Water technology, with purified water piped directly onto the window for the deepest, most effective cleaning.

Screens & Tracks

The fine mesh design of a window screen can trap bugs, pollen, and other debris. Having your window tracks professionally cleaned enhances their efficiency, but also extends window life and prevents mold growth. We suggest having these services completed at the same time you have your windows washed, but also offer them as standalone services.

Specialty Services

We perform a thorough hand cleaning of coach lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans and mirrors. Also changing of floodlight bulbs or other hard-to-reach lighting. Enjoy the sparkle of your entire home when you let the Shine team clean all of your interior glass, mirrors, lights and more. 

House Washing

No matter how extensive the grime or dirt is, we have the right equipment and materials to bring your home’s exterior back to life. House washing often includes a mix of pressure washing and soft washing to protect the surfaces of your home. In fact, we’ll hand-scrub problem areas and leave your residence looking immaculate.

Pressure Washing

Things like stubborn mildew, moss or dirt can leave your gutters, patios, walkways, and driveway looking tired or run down. One of the best ways to remove these unsightly annoyances is to have your home surfaces pressure washed. Pressure washing involves a small hose, a wand, and a compressor that is powerful enough to remove tough stains and all types of buildup from many surfaces. Pressure washing is not the best solution for all cleaning tasks such as soft surfaces.

Roof Washing

Grime, dirt and moss can grow on your roof leaving it look looking tired or run down. We clean flat and pitched roofs on all types of buildings, including asphalt, slate, tile, metal, clay, wood shake, and cedar shingle. We tailor the cleaning method to suit your roof type using a soft wash technique, ensuring everything stays intact and in great shape.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters filled with debris or plants can cause expensive damage to your roof and home foundation. We use special equipment and materials to clean gutters in an effective and efficient manner to eliminate problems before they start. Read more about Gutter Cleaning Services here.

Holiday & Christmas Lighting Installation

Celebrate the season without lifting a finger. We provide high-quality lights in many colors, along with garland, wreaths, bows and more all with professional installation, take-down, storage and an exclusive three-year warranty at no additional charge. Learn more about Holiday Lighting.

Outdoor Patio & Event Lighting

From bistro and patio lighting to a small backyard holiday party or a large corporate event, we’ll do the work for you. We have the materials and workforce needed to deliver results you’ll love.

We do our best to provide our entire menu of services, however certain locations may have limited service offerings for various reasons.

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