Solar Panel Cleaning Services

We love the sunSHINE! Solar panels can be difficult and dangerous to clean, but as the pollen, dust, dirt, and water residue build up on the surface of your solar panels, it decreases their efficiency.

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The Science, Impact, and Cost to Clean Solar Panels


Your yearly cost of electricity loss from dirty solar panels can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. Researchers at Google’s solar panel farm found that energy production doubled after professional cleaning. And after a second cleaning, they found that the energy production had gone up by 36%.

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The Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning with Shine


At Shine, we are experts in professional solar panel cleaning and promise the best, safest, and most effective way to clean panels. While it might seem simple, many things play a part in how and when to clean your solar panels: 

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Angle
  • panel size
  • Number of panels
  • Location
  • Types of dirt
  • Weather
  • Duration between professional cleanings

Using the correct cleaning products, water pressure, angle of spray, and even towels can impact the life and quality of your solar panels. Trusting the experts at Shine will guarantee maximum sunlight exposure and an extended life for your solar panels. 

How often should I get my Solar Panels Cleaned?


Our solar panel experts recommend a professional cleaning multiple times a year to ensure you are getting the highest efficiency and energy output from your solar panels. Also, regular professional cleaning will extend the life and quality of your panels. Factors like manufacturer, angle, location, and weather will impact the number of times your panels need to be cleaned. Our professional team can guide you in establishing an optimal cleaning schedule tailored to your specific panels and needs.

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Extending the Life of Your Panels with Correct Care


With all the different factors that play into the correct solar panel cleaning process, it’s important to have the best techniques and tools, like the Shine squeegee, to avoid damaging your solar panels. Shine’s Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Team will evaluate your panels and create the best plan to preserve the longevity of your solar panels. 

Interested in A Better SHINE on Your Solar Panels?


Call your local Shine solar panel washer today to get a FREE estimate for your solar panel cleaning. Our experts will work with you to create a cleaning solution and schedule that suits you.

All services are covered by the SHINE GUARANTEE

Common Window Cleaning Questions

Is solar panel cleaning necessary?

Yes! Solar panels accumulate pollen, dust, and grime that can significantly reduce their efficiency. Regular cleaning not only boosts energy production but also extends the life of your panels.

How often should you clean solar panels?

Our experts recommend cleaning your solar panels multiple times a year, specifically in the spring and autumn to maintain peak efficiency and output. Depending on factors like weather, location, and panel angles, the frequency should be adjusted.

How much does solar panel cleaning cost?

Costs can vary based on factors such as the number of panels, their size, and installation specifics. Shine provides an estimate tailored to your unique setup, ensuring you get the best value.

Do I need to hire a professional to clean my solar panels?

​​Yes, for safety and efficiency. Cleaning solar panels involves navigating risks and understanding how to treat various types of dirt and damage without compromising your panels. Shine’s professionals use the right tools and methods to deliver optimal results. options or our monthly commercial service

What kind of equipment do you use for cleaning solar panels?

At Shine, we utilize state-of-the-art cleaning tools, including specialized cleaning tools and eco-friendly solutions, to gently yet effectively clean your panels. Our methods are designed to protect your investment and ensure maximum efficiency without the risk of damage.

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