Professional Window Cleaning Services

At Shine, we bring out the best in your windows. Our local teams combine expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and ShineBright Crystal Water technology. The result? Extended window life, prevention of mold growth, improved energy efficiency, and maximized sunlight in your home.
Shine Window Cleaning in Action

Boost Curb Appeal with Shine's Exterior Window Cleaning

Our exterior window cleaning services are designed to transform your home. We utilize ShineBright Crystal Water technology and water-fed poles to thoroughly clean your windows, removing layers of dust, dirt, and grime.

Shine WIndow Cleaning

the benefits of professional window cleaning with shine

  • Deep, effective cleaning for sparkling windows
  • Extended clean effect, keeping windows cleaner for longer
  • Resilience to weather conditions, so rain won’t dull your Shine
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shine On: Year-Round Clean with our Window Cleaning Plan


Complete interior & exterior window cleaning 2x a year. Every spring and fall.


Complete interior & exterior window cleaning 3x a year.



Complete interior & exterior window cleaning 4x a year. Enjoy the view all year round!


Choose from any of these options or our monthly commercial service.

Interior Window Cleaning: Bringing the Sunshine Inside

Our professional interior window cleaning services will leave your indoor windows spotless. With our meticulous cleaning process, dust, grime, and potential allergens are eliminated from the surface of your windows, letting you enjoy the natural sunlight.

Transparent Pricing for Professional Window Cleaning

At Shine, we believe in transparency and honesty. Each home and location has unique characteristics, and pricing depends on factors such as the number of windows, panes, size of glass being cleaned, and location. We’re happy to offer free, no-obligation estimates – give your local Shine a call today.

shine window cleaning

Experience the ShineBright Crystal Water Technology Advantage

The technology behind ShineBright Crystal Water is more effective and less intrusive than standard water. We use an innovative purifying process to deliver the purest water to clean your exterior windows. Pure water dries spot free, so there is no residue left on the window and no room for dirt to remain. 

Our ShineBright Crystal Water technology allows us to clean up to three stories safely and efficiently from the ground, helping you maintain privacy while still enjoying sparkling clean windows.

Complete Window Care: Screen and Track Cleaning

Over time, window screens can accumulate dust, pollen, bugs, and other forms of debris. This build-up impedes your view and can lead to poor airflow and even damage the screens. Similarly, window tracks often become the reservoir for grime and dirt, which can lead to stickiness and mold growth.

Our local Shine team can address these issues head-on. We meticulously clean your window screens, freeing them from accumulated debris and improving their durability. Our experts also deep-clean the window tracks, leaving no trace behind!

All services are covered by the Shine Guarantee.

We do our best to provide our entire menu of services, however certain locations may have limited service offerings for various reasons.

Common Window Cleaning Questions

How much does professional window cleaning cost?

Pricing is determined by factors like the quantity of windows, panes, glass size, and location. Here at Shine, we are happy to provide you a free estimate, contact us today!

Why should I have my windows professionally cleaned?

At Shine, we use a unique process featuring our ShineBright Crystal Water, known for its superior effectiveness compared to regular water. Our purification method guarantees spot-free drying, leaving your windows residue-free. Our skilled professionals excel in delivering a thorough and effective cleaning for gleaming windows, allowing you to avoid the hassle of climbing ladders. Leave the cleaning to the experts!

What does a complete window cleaning include?

In addition to cleaning exterior and interior windows, our window cleaning includes deep cleaning window screens as well as window tracks.

How often should I clean my windows?

It is recommended to clean your windows at least twice a year. However, depending on geographic location, it may be required more often due to pollen, pollution, and other factors.

At Shine, we offer window cleaning plans to ensure your windows stay clean year-round!

  • Basic: complete interior and exterior cleaning 2x a year (spring & fall)
  • Deluxe: complete interior and exterior cleaning 3x a year
  • Premium: complete interior and exterior cleaning 4x a year
  • Commercial: choose from any of these options or our monthly commercial service

The Shine® difference is crystal clear