Professional Window Cleaning Services

Our window cleaning professionals use ShineBright Crystal Water technology that extends the life and operation of your windows, prevents mold growth from build-up, increases your home’s energy efficiency and lets all the light in to make your home Shine.

Shine Professional Window Cleaning

We provide residential and commercial window cleaning services any time of the year. All of our Shine locations are locally owned and operated by people in your community.

Exterior Window Cleaning Service

Instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with exterior window cleaning! Your windows develop layers of dust, dirt, water spots, and other seasonal grime from being exposed to the elements. With ShineBright Crystal Water technology and telescoping poles, purified water is piped directly onto your window for the deepest, most effective cleaning, that keeps windows cleaner longer. 

No need to worry about rain in the forecast, your windows will stay cleaner longer with our processes.

Interior Window Cleaning Services

Shine’s premier interior window cleaning service leaves your home gleaming while you breathe a sigh of relief and take in the sunshine. Interior window cleaning helps eliminate dust, grime and potential allergens from building up on the surface of your windows. 

We offer interior window cleaning on a weekly or monthly schedule. Ask about our Shine On Subscription options.

How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

Each home and location we serve is unique which makes providing an estimate range hard. It depends on the number of windows, panes, height and location just to name a few. We do offer free estimates, so give your local Shine location a call today. We can also help provide some estimates with photos of your home.

Ask About Our SHINE ON Window Cleaning Subscription 


Complete interior & exterior window cleaning 2x a year. Every spring and fall.


Complete interior & exterior window cleaning 3x a year.



Complete interior & exterior window cleaning 4x a year. Enjoy the view all year round!


Choose from any of these options or our monthly commercial service.


The technology behind ShineBright Crystal Water is safer, more environmentally friendly and less intrusive than standard water. We use an innovative purifying process to deliver the purest water on the market to clean your exterior windows. Pure water dries spot free, so there is no residue left on the window and no room for dirt to remain. 

Our ShineBright Crystal Water technology allows us to clean up to three stories safely and efficiently from the ground, helping you maintain privacy while still enjoying sparkling clean windows.


While we’re there to clean your windows inside and out, we also clean your window screens and tracks.
You’ve seen how the mesh design of a window screen traps bugs, pollen, and other debris. That gunk can also build up in your window tracks.  Having windows professionally cleaned enhances efficiency, but also extends window life and prevents mold growth. 

We suggest having these services completed at the same time you have your windows washed, but also offer them as standalone services.

Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans & More 

Your Shine cleaning professionals can make your interior sparkle by thoroughly hand cleaning your coach lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans and mirrors! Additionally, we can change floodlight bulbs or other hard-to-reach lighting, while we’re there. Just one more thing we do to make the world Shine a little brighter.

All services are covered by the Shine Guarantee.

We do our best to provide our entire menu of services, however certain locations may have limited service offerings for various reasons.

The Shine® difference is crystal clear