What is the benefit of window cleaning?

Regular cleaning extends the life and operation of your windows and prevents mold growth while improving your indoor air quality. Clean windows also instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. Click here to learn more about specific Shine window cleaning services.

How much does the average window cleaning job cost?

Each job we perform is as unique as the property and its owner. Here are just a few examples of what you may expect to pay. Please contact your local Shine for a free estimate and exact pricing.

  • Interior Window Cleaning: Starting at $150
  • Exterior Window Cleaning: Starting at $75
  • Screen Cleaning: Starting at $30
  • Track Cleaning: Starting at $30
  • Roof and House Washing: Starting at $250
  • Gutter Cleaning: Starting at $125

What is the benefit of gutter cleaning?

Gutters filled with debris or plants can cause expensive damage to your roof and home foundation. Climbing ladders and roofs is dangerous for the average homeowner and can result in falls or serious injuries. We inspect your gutters and use special equipment and materials to clean gutters in an effective and efficient manner to eliminate problems before they start. Click here to learn more about specific Shine gutter cleaning services.

What is the benefit of pressure washing?

One of the best ways to remove stubborn mildew, moss or dirt is to have your home surfaces pressure washed. Pressure washing involves a small hose, a wand, and a compressor which is powerful enough to remove tough stains and all types of buildup from many surfaces. Pressure washing is not the best solution for all cleaning tasks such as soft surfaces. Click here to learn more about specific Shine pressure washing services.

How often should I get my house cleaned?

Cleaning the outside of your house is just as important as cleaning the inside, giving you that much coveted curb appeal. We recommend a yearly cleaning at the very least, but seasonal cleaning can be scheduled on a regular basis to maintain a great looking year-round appearance. Your local Shine team can help determine the best cleaning plan for your home. Click here to find the Shine nearest you.

Does Shine complete commercial services?

We can tailor any of our services to tackle commercial properties of any size, including new construction. We start by helping you determine how many cleaning services may be necessary for your building and work within your budget and schedule. We can service a variety of buildings, such as airports, hospitals, apartments, retirement homes and retail spaces. If you work for or own one of these, let us be your service provider and schedule an estimate today. Click here to learn more about how Shine can support you.

What type of lighting services does Shine complete?

Our Holiday Lighting Service provides all the decorations, installation, and storage for your home or business. We also offer bistro and patio lighting for small backyard parties or large corporate events. Click here to learn more about specific Shine lighting services.

How do I know what type of exterior cleaning service to use?

Every building or property is different. The service you need will depend on a number of factors including the level of clean you desire, the surfaces you want cleaned and how often you want to maintain your properties cleanliness.

What is ShineBright Crystal Water window cleaning?

Our exterior window cleaning process utilizes a telescoping pole that delivers our ShineBright Crystal Water for cleaner glass that keeps windows cleaner longer. The technology behind ShineBright Crystal Water is safer, more environmentally friendly and less intrusive. We use a water purifying process to deliver the purest water on the market to clean your exterior windows. Pure water dries spot free, so there is no residue left on the window and no room for dirt to remain. It’s also better for the environment, so there’s absolutely no risk to animals, bushes, flowers or landscaping. Our ShineBright Crystal Water technology allows us to clean tall windows safely from the ground. In fact, with ShineBright Crystal Water technology, we can clean up to three stories safely and efficiently from the ground, helping you maintain privacy while still enjoying sparkling clean windows.

How do I schedule my free consultation with Shine?

You can contact your local Shine by completing clicking here to find the Shine nearest you or by calling (877) 768-7515

Is it important for my window cleaner to have insurance? Does Shine have insurance?

The safety of you, your property and our team members are our number one priority. All Shine team members and services are bonded and insured for everyone’s protection and peace of mind.