Can You Pressure Wash A Window?

We know exactly how it goes. You’re outside, trimming a tree or raking some leaves when you look up at your house, and…when did your windows get so dirty?

This discovery sends many homeowners running into the garage for a ladder and window cleaner, or even a pressure washer. If you own a small pressure washing unit to clean your deck or driveway, it might appear to be a quick and easy solution to dirty windows. The process seems straightforward: hook your pressure washer up to the hose and get started, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Before pressure washing a window, it’s important to consider several factors — ones that can make, or, quite literally, break your day.

Cleaning Windows With a Pressure Washer

  • Do you have the right chemicals for the job? Simply spraying your windows with water won’t clean the glass, even if that water is at a high pressure. Think about cleaning your car – if you took it to the car wash and they forgot to add soap, you’d be pretty upset, right? All the dirt that was on your car would still be on your car, diluted and smeared around. It might have even dripped further down, creating ugly streaks and spots. The same thing can happen to the ides of your beautiful house!
  • Check your spray tips! Not all pressure washer spray tips are the same. Depending on their flow rates and spray angles, different tips are best used for a variety of applications. In fact, a tip that has a zero degree spray angle actually etch your glass — or break it. These tips are usually red, but if you aren’t sure which tips you have, it’s best not to risk it.
  • Don’t forget PPE! Pressure washers are very powerful machines. It’s important to exercise safety measures when using one. Without the right personal protective equipment and shoes, you may wind up injuring yourself.
  • How powerful is your pressure washer? To wash the windows on most residential homes, you’ll need a pressure washer stream that can actually reach your upper story windows, but without being so powerful it cracks the glass. This can be hard to determine by reading the machine’s specifications, and is a risky thing to test!

Even if the glass can withstand the force of your pressure washer, the seals and trim around your frame may not fare as well. This can lead to leaks, water damage, and staining inside your house.

The Best Way to Wash Your Windows

As tempting as it may be, the potential risks of pressure washing your windows outweigh the benefits. Using a professional window washing service is the best way to ensure your windows are perfectly cleaned with no breaks, leaks, or injuries!

Your local Shine Window Care team is happy to be able to take the stress of exterior window cleaning off your hands. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate and we’ll go over exactly what you need; no gimmicks or fancy maintenance packages. And, like all Shine services, our window cleaning is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!



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