When is it Too Cold to Wash Windows?

Winter is Coming! Here are our Cold-Weather Window Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

As winter rolls in, most of us start bundling up and staying indoors as much as possible. But what about those windows? Are they doomed to stay dirty until spring? As the go-to experts for all-things window cleaning, we’re here to tackle the frequently asked question: When is it just too darn cold to wash your windows?

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The Impact of Cold Weather on Window Cleaning

Winter weather can throw a curveball at your window cleaning plans, but fear not, there’s still hope. Here’s the lowdown on how the cold affects window cleaning:

  1. Freezing Temps: When the thermometer starts flirting with freezing, washing windows gets trickier. Water can freeze before you even finish the job, leaving you with streaks and smudges galore.
  2. Safety First: Cold weather can turn surfaces, including windows, into icy hazards. Slip-sliding around while cleaning isn’t exactly fun, and it’s potentially dangerous. 
  3. Product Pitfalls: Some common window cleaning solutions just don’t cut it in the cold. They might freeze up, making them about as useful as a snow shovel in July. 
  4. Waiting Game: Cold temps equal longer drying times. So, if you want to admire those spotless windows ASAP, you might have to wait a bit longer in the winter.
Shine team member cleaning windowShine Window Cleaning’s Tips

We have some down-to-earth advice for all you homeowners:

  1. Leave it to the Pros: Winter window cleaning isn’t for the faint of heart. Your local Shine window cleaning professionals have the gear, motivation, and expertise needed to tackle the cold without breaking a sweat (or slipping on ice).
  2. Check the Weather: Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If it’s about to get cold outside, it might be smarter to reschedule your window cleaning. Safety and quality always come first.
  3. Talk it Out: When you schedule your window cleaning, have a chat with the professionals. Let them know your concerns and expectations. They’ll adjust their approach to make sure you’re happy with the end result.
  4. Timing is Everything: If you haven’t already, you should schedule your winter cleaning before December rolls around. That way, you’ll have clear windows before winter, without the cold-related hassles.
Shine employee cleaning windowsLet’s Make Your Home Shine Through The Winter

There are plenty of ways to make your home Shine. From Holiday Lights to Window Cleaning, the services we offer will bring sparkly results. But, don’t forget to bring the Shine inside too!

Regardless of the conditions outside, Shine’s Interior Window Cleaning Service can be done all season long, regardless of weather. Our professionally trained team will make sure you can get a clear view of Santa’s sleigh from the crystal clear view through all the windows in your home. 

Trust the professionals this season, schedule your Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning Service with Shine.

Trust the Professionals at Shine for Your Winter Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows in the winter can be done, but it’s good to be aware of the cold-weather challenges. Hiring the professionals at Shine can make it all a breeze, ensuring your windows stay squeaky clean, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Safety and effectiveness are key, so you can enjoy those crystal-clear views year-round.

We offer interior and exterior window cleaning, along with screens and tracks. Leave it to the professionals this season, and contact us today for a free estimate.



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