Window Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide

There’s nothing quite like having incredibly clean windows you can hardly see. Over the months and the seasons, your windows can catch a huge amount of grime, dirt, dust, unsightly streaks, paw prints, and just about everything else. You don’t want these distractions blocking your view of the sky and your well-landscaped yard. Improper window cleaning can leave your windows dull-looking and streaked, but our advice will have your windows looking their best in no time. Follow these steps for windows that will trick you into thinking nothing’s there.

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1) Pick the Day Wisely

Choosing the right day will set your window cleaning crusade off to the right start. The perfect day to clean your windows inside and out is a cloudy and dry day. Having a bit of overcast (without the rain) is great for washing your windows because you can see things more clearly without glare, and you won’t have to worry about your cleaner drying on the glass before you can wipe it off. As a bonus, it will be much more enjoyable without the sun beating down on your neck while you work!

A bit of shade is great for washing windows, as they will dry better without leaving streaks and water spots. Just like washing your car, it can also be a great idea to start the job in earlier morning or as the sun sets in the evening.

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2) Get That Loose Dust and Dirt Off

Before you get to working that elbow grease on the job, make sure you sweep or vacuum dirt off of your windows. Houses in dusty areas or on dirt roads have huge amounts of dust that settle on sleek surfaces. You don’t want this loose dirt turning into an even bigger problem once you spray water or window cleaner on it. Go ahead and take out your window screens to spray down separately. You can wash your screens with a microfiber cloth and a warm, sudsy water mixture. Once you’ve removed all the loose dirt and debris from your windows, it’s time for step three!

3) Choose Your Window Cleaning Solution and Supplies

Never a choice to be taken lightly. What’s better, Windex, Sprayway, or Invisible Glass? The choice will be up to you, but you can take a look at some of the best glass cleaner reviews. Once you choose your spray cleaner, you will need to round up a few more items for your day of cleaning. Make sure you have a microfiber cloth, bucket, spray nozzle (and hose setup), your glass cleaner of choice, a squeegee (optional), and some paper towels to finish the job.

Some folks prefer to go the DIY route with their window cleaning solutions, and this can be a good choice to save money — especially if you have a lot of area to cover. Here are some instructions to make homemade glass cleaner that can cover a lot of ground.

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol with a 70% concentration
  • 2 cups of water

You can combine the ingredients in a spray bottle or a bucket if using a cloth. Make sure your kids and pets steer clear of the mixture by clearly labeling it and keeping it out of reach.

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A man cleaning a window with a pole

4) Squeegee Like the Pros

You will see professional window cleaners using a combination of scrubber and squeegee to get windows sparkling clean (along with some other tricks). Use a scrubber to cover the window lightly in a sudsy solution. Then, make clean passes with your squeegee for a streak-free clean. Make sure you squeegee from the top down and clean corners with your microfiber cloth. A squeegee can be a great tool, and the drying process is even better during overcast days. The process can also be used indoors, but you may want to lay out a towel underneath to catch any excess water and soap.

5) Next, The Inside

The insides of windows present their own challenges that make them just as hard to clean as the exterior glass. You may need to remove any curtains or screens to make sure they don’t get wet or soapy. Vacuuming will be a good option to remove the dust and dead bugs that can accumulate on the inside of windowsills. You may want to skip the squeegee and bucket routine on the inside as it can get messy. Instead, you can use Windex or your window cleaner of choice to spray and wipe with a dry microfiber towel or paper towels.

6) Get on a Schedule

You may only need to clean your windows thoroughly once or twice a year, depending on where you live, but make sure you get on a schedule to prevent them from getting too dirty! The buildup of dust and debris can aggravate allergies and can get much worse if you don’t clean them regularly. Set aside sometime every year to take care of the chore ahead of time so you can enjoy spotless windows year-round!

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A man squeegeeing a window

Now that you know how to clean your windows like the pros, you can get to work making your glass truly invisible. Cleaning your windows is one of the important chores that homeowners often overlook. It can be easy to get bogged down with all of the landscaping, maintenance, and cleaning that owning a home presents. That’s why Shine offers so many services to our customers like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, holiday lighting, and more.

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