Top 7 Gutter Problems

For millennia, gutters have been an integral part of homes. You could say that they’re the unsung heroes of your home’s exterior. Most of us don’t think about our gutters until they stop working. However, when your gutters malfunction, you immediately realize their importance; when gutters stop functioning correctly, many issues can snowball as a result. From foundational damage to pooling water on the ground, gutter troubles can lead to plenty of hassles and headaches for homeowners. If you want to avoid going down the expensive and frustrating road of gutter troubles, it’s essential to maintain your gutters appropriately and keep them clean.

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Stay proactive, and you can keep most gutter problems at bay. Below, we list some of the most common issues that pop up with gutters and how you can avoid them. Remember, the number one way to make your gutters last and keep them in good condition is to clean them and regularly invest in maintenance!

Common Gutter Problems and Easy Fixes

Here are some of the most common gutter problems clients call our firm about and ways to take care of the problem:

Problem: Leaks

Leaks can spring up on anybody. When a gutter starts leaking, it’s essential to take care of the problem right away, as it can become a significant problem if ignored. So what exactly causes your gutter system to spring a leak? There are several possible culprits that we see here at Shine Window Cleaning. One common cause of leaky gutters is loose fasteners. Screws or hangers often fasten gutters to roofs, which can slowly pop out of place over time. When that happens, water runs off the roof and can flow over the gutter’s rear edge and the fascia boards. Gutter leaks are also commonly caused by cracks and holes, mostly showing up where fasteners pass through the metal.


Are you wondering how to take care of your leaky gutters before they cause extensive damage to your house? This video takes you through each step of fixing a leak.

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Problem: Gutter Joint Separation

Gutters that start pulling apart from one another are a common problem typically resulting from clogs and debris accumulation. Gutter joints are particularly susceptible to separation due to clogs in the system and the water’s weight pulling them down.


You will need to rivet the two gutter pieces back together. Remember that glue or caulk generally won’t be strong enough to hold two gutter pieces together, which is why you’ll need to use rivets for gutter sections that separate. You can secure the pieces together by drilling holes in the overlapping edges and inserting 1/8th-inch rivets to fasten the joints together in a secure manner.

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Problem: Plants Growing In Your Gutter

When gutters accumulate large amounts of seeds, debris, and bird droppings, plants can start to sprout in your gutter system. It doesn’t take much effort for a garden to grow in your gutter system if your home is in a sunny area with plenty of rain. While this may seem like a funny picture, the reality is that vegetation in your gutters is no laughing matter. Greenery in your gutters can weigh down the gutters, which can cause the joints to pull apart or even cause the entire system to clog up.


The solution to this problem is simple — all you have to do is keep your gutters clean. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your gutters will prevent vegetation from clogging them up.

Problem: Improper Slope

Most homeowners don’t account for gutter slopes when renovating their homes or replacing their roofs. The gutter slope is critical to the system being able to function correctly, and an incorrect slope can result in a range of issues. Also known as the pitch, the gutter slope refers to the angle the gutters slant downward to direct the water flow direction. If the gutter slope is too flat, water will pool in the system and overflow out the sides. If the gutter slope is too sharp, the gutters can’t function fully.


The general rule for a pitch that keeps water off the roof properly is to slope the gutters at 1/4th-inch per 10 feet of gutters.

Problem: Inefficient Downspout Draining

Not only is the specific angle of your gutter slope critical, but the downspouts also need to drain in a particular direction. If downspouts drain too close to the home’s foundation, it can cause water to pool around the house.


If you’re in the process of installing downspouts on your gutter system, make sure that they extend several feet away from the walls of your home. Otherwise, the gutters will cause water to pool on the ground beside the foundation or dump water directly into your basement.

Problem: Ice Dams

Ice dams are among the most severe problems that can happen with your gutters, specifically for homeowners in cold climates. While it’s rare to find freezing temperatures in Texas, cold fronts sometimes pass through, and being prepared is essential. Snow melting off the roof and pooling in the gutter systems creates ice dams. When the water touches the gutter, it freezes, and as the ice is allowed to pile up, it results in an ice dam.


Ice dams are hazardous because they can weigh down your gutters and pull them away from your home, which calls for professional repair services. To fix gutters broken by ice dams, you’ll have to call professionals to fix your gutters and properly insulate your attic to avoid future problems.

Problem: Gutters That Are Clogged

Besides leaks, drains clogging up is one of the most common problems we see with gutters. Gutters can clog up quickly with pretty much anything that the wind blows. Insects, leaves, pine needles, other plant life, and debris can clog up your gutters and cause them to malfunction. When water can’t adequately flow through, it clogs up and can add excessive weight to the system. This extra strain can wreck your roof and gutters, resulting in the separation of joints, cracks, gardens growing, and a host of other potential issues.


Again, the best way to stop your gutters from clogging up and malfunctioning is to regularly clean and maintain them.

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To prevent your roofing from being damaged or water getting into your basement, you should schedule regular gutter cleaningsShine Window Roofing is a top window cleaning company based in Texas. Keep your gutters clean with Shine Window Roofing!

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