How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

You’ve meant to have your windows cleaned in your house, but it’s hard to find the time when other more important things are taking precedence. Maybe you could hire it out and have a professional window cleaner come and clean your windows. But how much will they charge to clean your windows? Will they charge by the hour or by the window? What will they charge to hit that skylight in your living room? We can use some averages to come up with a ballpark figure for cleaning your windows, and that will help when you get a quote from them.

Rough National Average

When you are looking to have your windows cleaned, you certainly don’t want to be surprised by an overly large amount of money. And you also would be right to be suspicious if the amount was meager. And since we usually only have our windows professionally cleaned once a year, or less if we choose to do it ourselves, it’s sometimes hard to get a decent read of just what a full window cleaning of our house should cost. Using an average home with 22 windows in it and using an hourly rate charge of $75 per hour, it would take on average about 3 hours to wash all 22 windows in an average home. Doing the math, this amounts to approximately $225 to clean the exterior of all of your home’s windows. And this is a decent figure, but we can go deeper into how that might break down further, mostly if you are quoted on a per-window basis instead of an hourly basis.

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Window Types And Average Cost

Some window cleaners find it more accurate to break out the window type or even the panes in larger windows like bay windows. Windows that are harder to reach also bump up the cost, such as skylights, sunburst windows, and other more specialized windows. These typically add $1 to $2 per pane beyond the normal window charge. However, some general ranges for different window types follow:

Sliding – $3 to $5

Casement – $6 to $10

Single Hung – $6 to $10

Sunburst – $12 to $16

Double Hung – $12 to $20

Skylight – $25 to $30

Storm Window – $25 to $50

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House Size And Average Cost

So we’ve looked at an average home based on the number of windows, and we’ve also looked at individual window types and the charge per window. And this gives us some measure of confidence in what we might expect for a quote from the window cleaner. But we should also look at the house’s size, as this affects the number of windows that you will have, which affects the total cost to clean all of those windows. As you might expect, the larger a house gets in square footage, the more windows you would expect to find in that home. Here are some ranges of costs for different sizes of homes:

1,000 sq. ft. – $170 to $220

1,500 sq. ft. – $200 to $280

2,400 sq. ft. – $300 to $400

3,200 sq. ft. – $400 to $500

4,200 sq. ft. – $500 to $600

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Per Hour Vs. Per Window

We mentioned that some window cleaners charge by the hour, while other window cleaners charge by the window, or even by the pane in the window if it is a more extensive or more challenging to access window. But which method is better, and how do you know that you aren’t being taken advantage of? Charging by the hour is a bit more straight forward for the customer as the multiplication is easy, but set by the window can be a bit more accurate since some windows will be comfortable to reach and clean, costing less. In contrast, other windows will be more challenging and require a ladder and more time, costing a bit more. The most important thing is that you, as the customer, understand how the window cleaner got to the bottom line quote. In either case, the faster they can get your windows cleaned, the more homes they can do in a day, which means they earn more money. As long as they do a good job and you are satisfied with the results, then how they figure their quote isn’t a big deal.

Benefits Of Window Cleaning

As you can imagine, having clean windows in your house is much nicer than dirty windows. Clean windows allow the sunlight to come through and brighten the interior of your home. They also allow you to see what is going on outside, whether that be the delivery person dropping off packages, your family arriving for dinner, or watching the birds at the feeder. And while we all like clean windows, not all of them are easy to reach and clean. This is why having a professional window cleaning at least once per year is a good investment. They have the right equipment to get all of your windows, and what would take you days to complete is done in a few hours by a professional window cleaning crew. And of course, those looking at your home outside will notice the difference in your clean windows as well.

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Wrap Up

When you are looking at having the windows on your home professionally cleaned, it’s a good idea to have some information on what the estimate might be for your home. You can use the different averages we discussed to come to some range that you can expect to be quoted. If your quote seems to be out of line with your content, ask for details about why instead of assuming they are ripping you off. They might have miscalculated, or they might have caught something that you missed. It’s a good idea to have your windows cleaned at least once a year, and the professionals can get it done in mere hours versus how long you might take to do them all yourself.

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