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A clean home is a happy home

Your Home Deserves to Shine

Our full house washing service is among the most popular pressure washing services that we offer. Cleaning the outside of your house can be just as important as cleaning the inside, especially when it comes to curb appeal. Thankfully, Shine® can tackle this time-consuming process with ease!

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House Washing Provides the Best Clean for Your Property

Our team of experienced and expertly trained house washing professionals can do more than just clean your home. We’ll hand-scrub all of your exterior’s problem areas and leave your residence with a shine that lasts.

Take a look at our house washing process:

  • First, we perform a full property inspection
  • Next, we move any furniture and fragile items out of the way
  • We make sure any surrounding plants are protected
  • We clean the entire exterior of your home
  • Finally, we rinse your residence until it shines

After a storm or a long winter, your property’s exterior may look dirty and grimy. No matter how extensive the buildup is, we have the right equipment and materials to bring your home’s exterior back to life.

Professional House Washing Benefits

Working with a professional house washing company can save you time and money and help reduce your risk of injury from performing the cleaning yourself.

Here’s why our customers swear by our house washing services:

Boost your curb appeal & increase your home’s value

Remove harmful mold, mildew, and bacteria

Prevent permanent damage from decay, rot, and premature aging

Proactive maintenance lessens the need for home repairs

Primes the surface for painting and refinishing

House Washing FAQ

● How often do I need to wash my house?

  • Answer: It depends on many factors like weather conditions and location. A good rule of thumb is once every few months or at least once a year.

● Can I do it myself?

  • Answer: With the proper equipment, yes. It is highly recommended to hire a profession; house washing company to do it correctly and safely. We recommend using a professional. You do now want your home damaged.

● Is pressure washing my house safe?

  • Answer: It depends on what areas you are pressure washing. Pressure washing decks or high rise buildings can be dangerous. For this reason we always recommend hiring a professional.

● What areas can you wash?

  • Answer: roof, decks, patios, garage floor and pool area.

● How much does a typical house washing cost? (include if you can estimate based on square footage/exterior surface materials)

  • Answer: It really depends on home size. call (512) 980-3514 to request a free estimate from our team.

● How long does a house washing service take?

  • Answer: It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours

● Can I add other services to my house washing appointment?

  • Yes! We highly encourage this in order to keep your entire home clean . Shine of Westlake also offers special Spring cleaning options.

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The Advantages of Turning to Shine®

Appearance is not the only benefit to having your home’s exterior cleaned. With our team of cleaning specialists on the job, you can rest assured that we know the best treatment to use for every type of housing surface.
We understand that many home exteriors have delicate surfaces that require specific cleaning materials and gentle hands to get the job done. For example, vinyl is a popular surface choice for home exteriors and is not hard enough to withstand the force of a pressure washer. Windows are also not strong enough. Other robust surfaces, however, may benefit the most from our pressure washing methods. We can tell you whether soft washing or another pressure
washing alternative is needed when we inspect your home. Our name is trusted by countless homeowners across the country!

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