Best Tools and Liquids that Professional Window Washers Use

We all know that there’s no better clean feeling than one that’s been professionally done. That’s why realtors hire people to deep clean a house before showing. Professional cleaning just has a better feel.

Windows are no different. In Texas, those windows can get filthy from dust and rain and that lovely gulf humidity. It’s almost impossible to keep windows clean! That’s why Shine Window Cleaning is going to give you the scoop on some professional insight to keep your windows sparkling clean

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Basic Window Washing Equipment

While you might not have access to everything the pros use, there is a good amount of equipment that is easily accessible to the public in home centers and hardware stores.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for quality clean windows:

  • Squeegee. We recommend using a ten or twelve-inch one, but larger or smaller windows may require a different size.
  • A Sponge.
  • A five-gallon bucket. Plastic is just fine.
  • Dish soap.
  • Towels. We recommend using lint-free rags.
  • A ladder and possibly a ladder stabilizer.

Pro Tips:

  1. For the best look, make sure the squeegee has a nice new rubber blade on it.
  2. Pick up a few extra blades. You can extend the life of an un-nicked edge by reversing them on the squeegee.
  3. Be sure that nothing is touching the blade of the squeegee when storing.

Cleaning Solution

You can find different cleaning solutions on the market. Some cleaners are concentrated, and others are ready to use. If you use one of these, be sure to read the directions as they can be different.

DIY Window Solution

Our favorite easy-to-use homemade window cleaning solution is a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Mix in your five-gallon bucket two gallons of water and add about a teaspoon of the soap. You can also use a fifty-fifty mix of water and vinegar to clean windows.

Pro Tip: If you are washing windows in cold temperatures, close to or below freezing, add some windshield washing solution to your soap mixture so that it doesn’t freeze on the glass.

How to Clean Your Windows

  1. Scrub the glass. After you have all of the necessary supplies, the first step is to scrub the window. Make sure you get every inch of the glass. We find it best to work horizontally, but you may mix those strokes with vertical and angled movements as well.
  2. Make a clean strip. By tilting your squeegee, you can use the corner of it to create a strip of clean window glass down one side. This small clean space will give you a starting point and make the rest of the glass easier to clean.
  3. Start at the top. Place your squeegee against the glass where your clean strip is. Keep the pressure on it as you drag it horizontally across the window. Make sure that you keep the edge of the squeegee against the top edge of the window.
  4. Wipe the Squeegee. This is how you get perfect streak-free windows. Wipe the blade of the squeegee across the clean towel. We find that it helps to tuck it partially into your pocket. This gets rid of excess water and gives you a clean blade for the next swipe.
  5. Repeat. As you clean your way down the window, make sure to overlap the previous stroke by about two inches. It also helps to angle the squeegee slightly. This pushes any excess water down to the part you haven’t cleaned yet.
  6. Final touches. Once you have squeegeed the entire window grab a clean rag. Take your finger and a clean, dry spot on the cloth and run it around the perimeter of the window.
  7. Enjoy your clean window!

Shine window cleaners cleaning a house with a pool in westlake

Want clean windows in one easy step? Shine Window Cleaning guarantees you’ll love your clean windows or your money back! Shine is now cleaning windows across the Dallas and Austin areas of Texas.

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Not just for outside window cleaning! Clean your inside windows too.

You can quickly adapt this same cleaning method inside your house as well. Pro cleaners have been known to use squeegees on many different surfaces, too, like varnished woodwork.

The key to cleaning windows indoors is to keep excess water to a minimum. Be sure to squeeze out the scrubber to prevent dripping. Another way to keep your scrubber free of excess moisture is rather than dropping it back into the bucket, just rest it on edge. Depending on how dirty your windows are, you can wash between five and ten windows before needing to rinse.

Pro Tip: Keep one rag halfway in your pocket to quickly clean up any runs, and have a separate clean rag to finish wiping away excess water from the glass perimeter.

How to Change a Squeegee Blade

  • Remove the old blade.
  • Grab the end of the old blade and stretch it out. This will expose a metal clip.
  • Slide the clip off. Some clips are attached with a few screws, and remove the word blade.
  • Install the new blade by sliding it into the metal channel.
  • Stretch the new blade and reattach the metal clip.
  • If necessary, trim the new blade. Be sure to leave some excess.

Final Tips for Hard to Clean Windows

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Sometimes you will have a window that refuses to come clean, such as those with paint specks or labels. Here are some quick tips to ensure all of your windows look spotless.

  • Use a razor blade with a holder to help remove surface imperfections or reside. For best results, use a new blade and make sure it’s wet. Rinse the blade between passes to avoid scratching the glass. Never use a razor blade on tempered glass.
  • Remove any bug droppings with a fine scrub pad. Always test first in an inconspicuous area to ensure you aren’t scratching the surface. Make sure the glass and scrub are both wet.
  • For adamant glass stains such as mineral deposits, you can use mild household abrasive cleaners and a power drill.
  • Mix ½ cup of ammonia with a gallon of water for a heavier cleaner.
  • Products like Goof Off can easily be picked up at a hardware store and can help remove sticky residue from windows.

Want clean windows without the hassle? Shine Window Cleaning helps you spend more time with your family while making your home brighter.



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