Best Time To Take Down Christmas Lights And How To Do It Safely

The holidays are one of the most popularly loved and celebrated times of the year. With the season of  Christmas comes a long list of etiquette and rules to follow in order to ensure you’re being respectful of your neighbors and those around you that are seeing your Christmas lights through the season. The rule of thumb surrounding the best time of year to put your Christmas lights up seems to have a general consensus: after Thanksgiving passes.

That said, the proper time of year to take down your Christmas lights leaves a little more ambiguity. Additionally, there are a number of safety considerations to take into account when the time comes to take your lights down in the first place. When you are exposed to potentially freezing temperatures and often working from hazardous heights if Christmas lights are on your home, you’ll want to take a number of precautions in order to avoid compromising your safety.

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When To Take Down Christmas Lights

One of the beautiful aspects of owning your own home is the fact that you get to decide what to do with it. This includes when you’d like to put up and take down Christmas lights. With this understanding, there are generally a few rules of thumb that the general public follows to determine: when should you take down Christmas lights?

Are you struggling to pick a time in your schedule to put up or take down Christmas lights? Shine helps to put a plan in place on days that work for you, without a commitment of your own time.

Specific Dates and Times of the Year

Many individuals choose to follow the 12 days of Christmas heuristic when determining when to take down Christmas lights. Since the day of Christmas is considered to be the beginning of many days worth of celebration for the exciting holiday, this could mean that many people will start thinking about taking down their Christmas lights around January 5th or 6th. For others, the second week of January is typically a soft date of when the lights should start to come down.

Keep your Christmas lights up as long as you feel comfortable. With this understanding, you should also be advised that many individuals may think it is tacky or lazy to keep them up many weeks or months into the New Year. However, Christmas lights can be an excellent way to keep spirits lifted during the darkest and gloomiest part of the calendar year. Typically, waiting until Valentine’s day, or at the latest February 28th, is generally advised and viewed as the hard deadline for when Christmas lights should be taken down.

Saving On Energy Costs

Turning up the heat in our homes is not the only reason behind increased electricity costs in the winter month surrounding the holidays, especially for those individuals in warmer climates such as Texas. With the many lighting decorations put up that are often left on for the entirety of the evening, Christmas lights can also become quite expensive to keep up longer than the month-long period surrounding the holiday. For example, lighting just a 6-foot tall Christmas tree for 40 days with incandescent C9 bulbs could lead to as much as $10 extra on your electric bill.

You may be inclined to bring your Christmas lights down shortly after the holiday season is over in order to save a few bucks on your electricity bill. If you’re looking to keep your lights up longer than the confines of the holiday season, or are merely looking to decrease the cost associated with keeping your Christmas decorations lit, consider purchasing mini-LED C9 lights. These bulbs are much more energy-efficient and can still offer the unique effects that people enjoy when lighting their homes, such as programmable colors and twinkles.

Asking Your Neighbors

Since your neighbors will more likely be looking at your Christmas lights, even more than you, please don’t underestimate the importance of talking with them about when your lights should come down. Your lights may be hung in a way that’s incredibly bright from their own property, and asking them if they’re comfortable with you keeping your Christmas lights up for a little while outside the holiday season can be a great way to show neighborly consideration. Thus, make sure that when you hang your lights to start, they are suspended in a way that takes into account your neighbor’s home and floor plan so as to avoid distracting them with your holiday cheer. You’ll also be able to gauge what times your neighbors are comfortable with your lights being on and whether you can leave Christmas lights on all the time or not if that is your wish.

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How To Take Down Christmas Lights Safely

Just like putting Christmas lights up, it may seem like an easy task to take down your decorations, but the job itself can become quite dangerous if you’re working from certain heights or working with a ladder. In fact, nearly 6,000 go to the emergency room each year as a result of a fall while putting up Christmas lights. The most common falls that take place are falling off a ladder, roof, or furniture while putting Christmas lights up. Thus, ensuring that you wait until a day with the proper weather/conditions and using the appropriate equipment is essential to ensuring that you don’t become injured while taking down your Christmas lights.

Shine’s Christmas Decoration Services

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