Best Temperature to Clean Outside Windows: The Ultimate Guide

While there aren’t many days below freezing in the south, colder temperatures can change how your cleaning solution works. And hotter temperatures can cause the cleaning solution to evaporate too quickly. Aim for air temps between 50-degrees and 75-degrees Fahrenheit for the best results.

When to Wash Windows

Commercial windows tend to get a lot of dirt and grime from street traffic. These buildings are intentionally located in high-traffic areas. Over time, the build-up on the windows can detract from the appearance of the building. Clean windows can add a quick boost in curb appeal and in a business’s professional image. We recommend cleaning the windows when they become dirty or at least once per year.

The dry climate in Texas may require more frequent window washing. For the best results in window cleaning, Austin, Texas, businesses may want to wash interior windows monthly and exterior windows quarterly.

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How to Wash Outside Windows

Depending on the size of your building, outside windows may require ladders, lifts, or scaffolding. If you have to rent equipment for window cleaning, Dallas, Texas, residents can get by with a thorough wash in the spring and fall seasons.

Dress in waterproof clothing like rubber boots and raincoats to protect yourself from the chemicals and excess water as you work. Beginning from the top left and working your way to the right and then to the bottom will provide the most efficient coverage.

Remove loose dirt and debris first. Then working with an extension pole outfitted with scrubbers, squeegees, and feed-through hoses, you can begin cleaning the surface of the window. For large windows, work in sections. Apply a chemical solution and water mixture to the window. Use a tool like a window brush with a lambskin cover to scrub the glass. And then squeegee clean for a streak-free shine.

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How to Wash Outside Windows in Hot Temperatures

In hot temperatures, your safety and exposure to heat stroke are the primary concern. Extreme heat or direct sunlight may also affect how quickly you will have to work. If possible, time your window cleaning for a point in the day when the windows will not face direct sunlight. For example, begin on the west side of the building in the morning and work your way around to the east side by the afternoon.

Working in extreme heat requires a lot of water to keep the surface of the window wet and prevent streaks. You may also want to switch to a different cleaning solution. For example, vinegar-based solutions will evaporate quicker than water because vinegar has weaker hydrogen bonds. These products may not be suitable for high-heat window cleaning, Dallas, Texas summers, sunny days in Austin, Texas.

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How to Wash Outside Windows in Cold Temperatures

Cold weather is less of a concern when window cleaning. Austin, Texas residents that find themselves washing windows in colder temps should dress for the weather to remain comfortable. If the weather dips below freezing, consider rescheduling your window cleaning to avoid the hassle of frozen cleaning chemicals. Otherwise, cooler temps have little impact on cleaning windows. The main thing to remember is to use cold water in cold weather and avoid washing in freezing temperatures.

Working with water in freezing temperatures is uncomfortable and unsafe. If the platform you are working on becomes slippery, you are more likely to fall from slipping on ice. If you need to work on your windows in colder weather, wear an insulated rubber suit and boots with good traction.

The best cleaning solution for cold temperatures is an alcohol-based formula. Isopropyl alcohol is most well-known for its ultra-low freezing point and disinfection properties. But it is also a primary ingredient in many window cleaning solutions because it does a fantastic job at cleaning glass. On the downside, it is also highly flammable but safe for window cleaning applications in most cases.

Our Favorite DIY Cleaning Solution

We know that many homeowners love to DIY their window cleaning solutions. These concoctions offer the best of both worlds — all-natural ingredients and cost-effective savings. There are dozens of recipes out there, but our favorite is a simple combination of distilled white vinegar, cornstarch, and rubbing alcohol.


  • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. cornstarch

We like this solution because it can be made in small batches for use around the house, and it is safe and non-toxic for people and pets. This all-natural window cleaning formula is effective at getting clean, streak-free windows with ingredients you already have in the kitchen.

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The Bottom Line on Cleaning Your Windows

You can clean outside windows at almost any temperature, but it is inarguably more comfortable in the spring or fall. Since outside windows only require a seasonal cleaning to maintain appearance and longevity, timing window cleaning to the appropriate season is not usually a problem.

Cleaning your outside windows can be a big job, especially if you own a commercial building or multi-story home. Your time and safety is important. If the prospect of tackling your exterior windows sounds like a big job, let the professionals take care of it!

Shine is a professional window cleaning service for commercial and residential properties in the Dallas and Austin, Texas areas. We are here to help you keep your homes and buildings looking their best. Contact us today for a quote.



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