Game Day Party Fun | How To Prepare Your Home

Football season is finally here! Now it is time to have your game day party. Break out the grill, your favorite tailgate foods, and invite your friends. It is sure to be a game day party to remember!

But before the gang comes over, you need to make sure you have prepared your home, and everything is clean and shiny. 

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! While a clean yard when they first arrive will give you an edge, what else should you do to ensure your home is ready for game day party fun?

While you are ticking off boxes and making sure everything is just right, is there something you forgot to clean? What are the areas guests will notice that you haven’t even considered?

Let’s go through a few fun and easy ways to prepare your home for the sporting season!

How to Prepare Your Home for a Game Day Party

1. Have a Game Plan for the Kitchen.

You are going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Plan accordingly so that time is spent there before the guests arrive and not after! Check out our Preparing for Holiday Guests article for more valuable tips!

Start by cleaning out your fridge and freezer. Make sure there is enough space for everything. Don’t forget the countertops, tabletops, and floors, as well. Secondly, plan out your meals, the cost, and how long it will take to prepare.

Finally, have snacks and drinks ready to go for each guest you invite! Grab that guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and some chips for everyone, as they watch the game at your home in style. Don’t forget your favorite kinds of snack crackers and appetizers; think about things that everyone will enjoy this football season!

You’ll want to make sure that everyone feels at home when attending your sporting event party. Make sure you say things like, “Make yourself at home,” and “My house is your house!”

Getting everything ready ahead of time will ensure you spend more time watching the game and less time at the stove!

2. Know the Plays of the Living Room.

Nothing is worse than finding out at kick-off that there is nowhere to sit. You need to know where all your players are going to be seated! Move some folding chairs and bean bags into the room where everyone will be watching the game!

After all, in addition to cleaning carpets, baseboards, and windows, you need to consider additional seating. Check if you need to purchase or borrow a few extra chairs or move furniture around so that everyone can see the game.

You might also want to consider removing anything unnecessary from tables and social areas. Your guests will need space to sit their drinks and food down. Guests can also get overly excited about their team; make sure you have removed anything that could possibly get broken during the day.

3. Keep the Water Bottle Full.

The last thing you want is for your guests to get thirsty! While having a clean and organized fridge can be great for the food, the guests may want their favorite drink a little closer.

Consider getting a few portable coolers and placing them strategically in the area where guests will be. Ensure there is a variety of drinks in each cooler, which will make it easier to grab and go.

If you plan on offering mixed drinks, set up a table by a back wall where guests can see the game while making their favorite drinks. 

4. Prep the Playing Field.

Nothing is worse than not knowing which direction your team is supposed to be running! Have some fun – preparing your home for a game day party that will be forever remembered! 

Once you have cleaned the bathrooms, living area, and anywhere else your guests will be hanging out, break out the decorations. 

Put up decorations for each team and play on everyone’s competitive side. If you don’t want to go all out, consider just using the colors of the teams. Whatever you do, make sure your guests feel the excitement!

5. Give Your Home that Game Day Shine!

Before guests start to arrive, give your home a quick clean inside and out. Give the tables a quick dusting, vacuum the floors, and keep those counters clear. Guests will walk in feeling welcome and comfortable!

Make your home game day ready with a professional pressure washing job on the outside walls of your home or by getting your doors and windows professionally cleaned. You will feel relaxed handing the heavy lifting over to the experts!

Call Shine© for additional help. We can make your game day party extra special! Have a look at our checklist for cleaning the outside of your home! We ensure that your home looks its best, making even your neighbors want to join the party!


Whether it’s for that Sunday afternoon game day party, Sunday night college football watching party, or the big game on Super Bowl Sunday, rooting for that head coach and star quarterback, ready yourself and get your home in shape!

Regardless of which team you are shouting for this year, Shine© is there for you! We will have your home running drills before the game!  Be sure to contact us now for a free estimate and find out more about how we can get you from the bench to a touchdown!

We offer a variety of services that can help you as you prepare your home for a full season of game day parties! We do more than just clean the outside of your home; our services are one-of-a-kind! We’ll make sure your windows and doors sparkle like never before! 

At Shine©, we are known for getting the job done right the first time around! You will feel the pressure lifted from your shoulders as we carry the team to the end!

If you are unsure what services you would benefit from the most, give us a call at (405) 470-0100! We would be glad to stop by and answer your valuable questions!



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