Window Washing Helps You to Make a Positive First Impression

First impressions are so important in forming opinions, and they can be lasting. When you drive or walk by a home and the lawn is neat and weed-free and the windows sparkle in the sun, you get the impression that the owners take pride in caring for their property. When you pass by a store, a restaurant, or a residential building, and the landscaping is immaculate and the windows are crystal clear and smudge-free, it leaves you with a positive feeling about that business or building. That is why it is important to hire a professional window washing service like the Shine of Oklahoma City to help you out.

Whether you own a home or a business or both, you want to make a positive first impression. Whether you are inviting family members to your home for a holiday meal or get-together or hoping to attract customers to your restaurant, you want to present the best possible image.

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Why is it Important to Hire Professionals for Window Washing?

You may consider washing your own windows, but you may be doing more harm than good. The harsh cleaning chemicals you may be using can damage the windows and discolor the frames, and paper towels can scratch your windows and leave behind lint particles. Using razor blades to scrape off hard-to-remove stains can permanently damage windows and UV films. Hiring a professional window cleaning service will help you to avoid these mistakes and increase the life of your windows.

When you choose Shine as your professional window washing service in Edmond, OK, you can be sure that they will take great care of your windows. The cleaning solutions they use are gentle, yet effective, so your windows will sparkle and shine without being damaged. For most exterior windows, they use ShineBright Crystal Water technology. This technology pipes purified water directly onto your windows through a telescoping pole for the deepest and longest-lasting clean. They also use gentle and effective cleaning solutions and tools to remove dust, grime, and smudges from your interior windows so you have a clear view.

Another reason to leave the job of window cleaning to the professionals is safety. You want to avoid balancing on a rickety ladder with inadequate cleaning tools and risking a fall. Professional window washers have the training and equipment to ensure that even the hardest-to-reach windows will be cleaned safely and effectively.


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Residential Window Washing Services in Oklahoma City

Shine not only cleans your exterior and interior windows so they sparkle, they can also clean other glass surfaces in your home such as:

  • Mirrors
  • Shower doors
  • Hard-to-reach chandeliers, light fixtures, and ceiling fans
  • Glass tabletops and other glass surfaces

It could take many hours to clean all of the glass in your home, and you have better things to do! Let the professionals take care of this tedious task so you can enjoy doing something you really love and still come home to a sparkling interior.

Commercial Window Washing Services in Oklahoma City

Shine can tackle all of your commercial window-cleaning needs such as:

  • New construction projects
  • Real estate and property management
  • Retirement homes and assisted living facilities
  • Retail spaces

Running a business is hard work and you have many hats to wear to keep operations running smoothly. Hiring professional window cleaners can help you to take one task off your plate so you can focus on your business success.


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Why Choose Shine of Oklahoma City Window Washing Services?

When you choose Shine Window Cleaning, you can be assured that their professional window cleaners are experienced and highly trained. They offer flexible scheduling to work around your busy life, and competitive pricing. They even offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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You only have one chance to make a first impression, and hiring Shine as your professional window-washing service in Edmond, OK, can help you to make a great one! They will ensure that your windows are cleaned gently, yet effectively, so they will sparkle for many years to come. Don’t take on window cleaning yourself, get your free estimate today.




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