What’s the difference between Pressure Washing Or Power Washing anyway?

Power means heated water. That’s about it. At Shine of Westlake and Central Austin we pressure or power wash depending on the project. We can wash drivewayspool and patios, roofs, houses, deckscommercial buildings, limestone, stucco, pavers, you name it, we can wash it!

As a property owner or manager, you know how important it is to keep your home and business looking clean and tidy from dirt buildup and mold. Your community notices how your property looks each time they pass by or visit. The state of your property’s cleanliness can leave a great first impression if it is in good shape.

Shine of Westlake specializes in pressure washing both for residential and commercial customers. We customize applications for each project, by using special detergents that leave no damage to your property. Our cleaning methods will remove algae, mold, mildew off of a number of surfaces, including limestone, stucco and metal roofs.

If you have ever pressure washed, you know how gratifying it can be to see that dirt wash away… Pressure washing is a restorative process. Your home or business house gets a makeover OVERNIGHT without you having to spend a lot of money on renovations. By removing years of stains and baked-in dirt, power washing refreshes your house’s look and turns years back on the clock to help your home look brand new. A fresh look is a great way to feel pride in your home and is a way to contribute to your neighborhood’s community.

Someone Say All Weekend project?

Pressure washing can quickly become an all weekend project without proper experience. The surface, cleaning product, pressure and type of pressure washer you’re using all play a vital role in how clean your surface will get. We have taken many calls from frustrated home owners saying they bought a Home Depot or Lowes pressure washer and now they have streaking all over their driveway! Shine professionals don’t make these mistakes, we will provide you a well thought out, detailed, no obligation quote to your email.

Shine uses ONLY biodegradable, City of Austin approved detergents and chemicals

Using detergents and some chemicals are the only way some surfaces will become clean, as long as a professional is applying them. How dirty your surface is will determine how much chemical will be used. Our power washers allow for variable pressures to keep minimal pressure on a particular surface. Cleaning vinyl siding with our soft washing technique uses a mixture of eco-friendly chemicals and very low pressure. For some concrete cleaning jobs, we do not need any chemicals. Just a good ole fashioned water pressure and a flat surface cleaner designed specifically for concrete cleaning. The deck cleaning chemicals we use depend on the type of deck and staining application that is currently being used.

I finally got my house washed and love it, how often should I get my home pressure washed?

House washing services are recommended every 2 years to keep built up dirt and grime from burrowing into your property. Shine of Westlake and Central Austin has perfected the art of the house wash. We use the highest quality home-safe chemicals and a clean house washing that will last. All Work is Guaranteed and we do not leave your project without total satisfaction.



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