How Professional Window Washing Can Save You Money

Grubby finger marks, smears all over the glass of your business exterior – it does not look good, does it? It drives me crazy when I walk past glass windows that are not shining. Sometimes on a Monday morning, you see someone cleaning windows; a couple of hours later, you walk by that area again, and they still look very dirty . It’s time to get real with the truth – Windows need to be Crystal clear and streak-free.

If you are using your team in-house to wash your windows, there is a very high probability that your window washing is not being done correctly. This can be a big mistake for many reasons – perfecting the art of clean, dangerous working conditions, etc.

To avoid this, you should get in touch with a professional window washing company, one who will make sure your windows are sparkling and save you money.

Yes, it can save you money to work with a professional! Check out our article below, which sums up exactly how using a professional window washing company can save you money. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

How Professional Window Washing Can Save You Money

  • A professional window washer saves time and employee resources. When you hire a professional window cleaner, they are highly skilled in knowing the right techniques. They use the best equipment which will leave your windows feeling brand new again. When an in-house employee takes over, there may be many missed spots on the windows, and the job may need to be repeated by the end of the cleaning session.
  • Using a professional window washer prevents the risk of long-term damage. Having your windows cleaned regularly helps remove stains and hard watermarks, which is a major cause for damaged windows in the long run. Professional window cleaning solutions help to maintain windows lifespan for longer. This means you knock out the cost of paying for replacements or repairs.
  • The visual appeal of exterior window washing really shines when working with a professional window washer. If a building is dirty on the outside, what would you think of the inside? By setting the standard on the outside, more clients are encouraged to walk through your doors every day. Ultimately, this results in providing you with more opportunities to convert them into paying clients or customers.
  • Using a professional window washing company wipes out the need for equipment. Professional window cleaning equipment can be costly. When not used correctly, they get damaged quicker, too. Professionals have top-of-the-range equipment and tools, including a window-washing squeegee, pressure washer, along with other window cleaner tools which can power wash windows to the maximum. You do not have to spend a penny on equipment when hiring a professional!
  • Sunlight powers your lighting costs, which inevitably saves electricity costs each month. That is why making sure your windows are dirt-free using the best window cleaning tools is a must. Dirty windows, which are not free from spots, do not attract as much sunlight as those which are gleaming bright.

The benefits of professional window washing in terms of both quality and cost are undeniable.

Because of the importance of hiring the right window washing company, you should work with one who has an excellent reputation to make sure your investment is worthwhile.

Shopping for a professional window cleaning company is the same as shopping for anything else in the business. You need top-quality, risk-free, cost-effective services.

When working with Shineⓒ, we provide you with outstanding, dedicated customer service and leave you with high-quality washed windows. We pride ourselves on being the best window washer in the Oklahoma City area.


If you have been spending money on your in-house payroll to get your windows cleaned, it is probably time to think again. That mindset can be very costly for business owners.
We’ve now covered a few of the risks of not using a professional window cleaner and its consequences on prospective clients’ perceptions.

We also discussed in detail how hiring a professional window washing company can save you money. It’s important to find a professional window cleaning service that will be there with your business’s requirements. You want a company that will leave your windows gleaming.

Do you need a professional window cleaner for your Business? If you are thinking “Heck Ya” or even just “Mmm Maybe,” then why not get in touch today? Our team can provide you with a whole host of information on our professional window cleaning services.



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