Keep Your Home Cool This Summer with These Hot Tips From Shine

Did you know that, according to the CDC, more than 700 die each year in the United States due to heat? That’s quite a bit!

When the temperatures in the summer skyrocket, it’s time to take action! Energy costs soar as we strive to keep our homes cool with the air conditioner. Consider using energy-saving tips during the summer months to reduce the cost of your electric bills and save money!

Take care when opening windows to save on electric bills, as this may just let more warm air in your home! Using energy-efficient appliances and equipment (incandescent lights, for example) can help you stay cool or feel cooler during those hot parts of the day!

Let’s look at some more ways to keep your home cool this summer with these hot tips from Shine®!

Hot Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

1. Use weatherstripping on your doors and windows.

Having efficient weatherstripping can keep warm air out of your home during those hot months and minimize cold air from getting in during the winter months. Make sure you are up to speed on the latest in weatherstripping for your doors and windows.

2. Install a door sweep or door snake.

A door sweep or door snake helps with the same issues you may have if you don’t have proper weatherstripping. Keep that warm air out of your home by blocking the areas between the bottom of the door and the floor with the proper equipment. Lowe’s Home Improvement teaches you more on how to create a door sweep!

3. Try using window film

Window film can improve both the look and efficiency of your doors and windows. It can keep things cool in your home and prevent neighbors from seeing what’s going on in your home during the day! It’s a multipurpose tool that can save you on energy costs and improve the look of your doors and windows!

4. Use thermal curtains.

Thermal curtains are great if you have a graveyard shift or sleep during the day because they keep the sunlight out. They can also keep that hot air from coming through the windows, as they keep the sun from shining through. You may find it best to purchase a nice set of thermal curtains as higher quality can often give you better results.

5. Caulk doors and windows properly.

Keep unwanted air and critters from entering your home by caulking the right places of your doors and windows. Sealing those areas will help you save on energy costs and keep your home cooler. This will keep you and your family cooler. Also, staying indoors during those hot days will keep the heat at bay.

6. Install double-pane windows.

This is another great way to beat the heat this summer and keep the cool air out during the winter. Thicker windows mean more protection for your home and family, too! If you live in Oklahoma, you know that the weather is temperamental, so while one day may be scorching hot, the next may be freezing cold. Stay protected with your windows!

Bonus Cooling Tips

  • Use portable fans or exhaust fans to get cooler air.
  • Consider using cool bedding and linens.
  • Avoid using your stove and oven. Cook outside instead!
  • Take cold showers and baths.
  • Keep your blinds closed during the warmest hours.
  • Use ice packs around your neck when you’re warm.
  • Wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing.
  • Munch on cool snacks like popsicles and frozen yogurt.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and limit caffeine/alcohol.
  • Keep up to date with your local weather and advisory warnings.


These hot tips from Shine® will help keep your home cool this summer and let air flow more freely in your home! Many of these tips are focused on helping to make your windows and doors work more efficiently, which will help keep your home cooler for longer periods of time.

As temperatures skyrocket in the summer months, make sure your home stays cool by using pressure washing on the siding of your home and keeping your windows cooled down by getting them cleaned regularly. Follow an annual cleaning and maintenance checklist to ensure your home is taken care of during the warm months!

Shine® can help with these things, as we offer services, such as window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and many others. Find out how we can best meet your needs today by getting a free estimate! We look forward to helping you this summer!



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