How to Make Your Windows Shine in Oklahoma

It’s important to understand how to make your windows shine in Oklahoma because you can improve the curb appeal of your home with clean windows. There are two main ways you can keep your windows sparkling and shiny; one is to do the interior and exterior cleaning of your windows yourself; the other is to hire a window cleaning specialist.

In Oklahoma, we have temperamental weather – one day, it’s scorching hot, and the next, it’s freezing cold. Even the weather found on the News channel is unpredictable. They do their best, but Oklahoma is bipolar! 

It doesn’t seem like we have four seasons, as many states do. Oklahoma weather is unpredictable because of its distance from any major body of water.

Because of this, you need to make sure your windows shine during every season!

How to Make Your Windows Shine in Oklahoma

Doing It Yourself

To clean glass windows, you can use products found in your home. Just grab some window cleaner, newspaper, mild soap, and some rags.

The most important thing is to make sure you do not scratch your windows with the wrong material. Using a soft sponge, cloth, or paper towel should do the trick! Now, you just need the perfect window cleaning solution to use.

You can create a simple vinegar solution to remove any streaks or marks on the window. To make a vinegar solution, you just want to use one part vinegar and one part water. This window cleaning solution should help you make your windows shine. Having clean windows does take a lot of work but should be a part of your regular cleaning and maintenance checklist.

Hiring a Window Cleaning Service

While cleaning your own windows can save you a little money and give you a sense of satisfaction, working with a window cleaning service can help with those things as well. Yes, it is possible to save money by hiring professional help, and you’ll still get that feeling of triumph once your windows are sparkling after a professional window cleaning job.

Most window washing companies also do pressure washing, which means your window sills, panels, frames, and other window parts that are seen in the exterior of your home will sparkle just as your glass windows do. You can also save a ton of time by working with a professional; they know the best way to clean your windows on the inside and out!

Save time and energy by working with the right window cleaning service. You can have them come out to service you immediately, and your windows will be shining in no time. Plus, they will stay clean a lot longer than if you were to clean them yourself. With a tried and true window cleaning process, you’ll be able to have your windows cleaned in a jiff.

If you have skylights or windows on the upper floor of your home and business, safety is a concern. Using a professional window cleaning service is important because they have the tools and equipment to get to those hard-to-reach areas of your building. With a service like Shine®, you can expect the best since they are insured and value safety precautions.


Hopefully, you now know how to make your windows shine in Oklahoma by either doing it yourself or hiring a professional window washing company.

If you haven’t worked with Shine® of OKC, you are in for a treat because they are a top residential and commercial window washing and pressure washing service.

What’s great about this Oklahoma City window washing service is that they have years of experience cleaning the exterior of your home or business. Shine® offers other services like gutter cleaning. Plus, they have superior customer service, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! What more could you ask for from a window cleaning company?

Be sure to get a free estimate today to find out the deals you can get on window washing, power washing, and gutter cleaning – to name a few. At Shine®, we are very excited to serve you and your home or business. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you reach your goals!

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