How to Have the Best Holiday Window Decorations

As you jump into holiday decorating this year, you may be wondering what holiday window decorations will look the best! One of the best things you can do is to consider your other decorations. How could you best match them?

What will match your Christmas tree’s big red ribbon? Probably some Christmas window decorations would be best! You might want some Christmas lights or a wreath hanging from your big windows! Consider some greenery with some berries at the top! 

According to Country Living, you can add a lot of festivity by decorating your doors and windows in style! Many people overlook these prime areas when decorating for the holidays! You could add a beautiful stream of garland and/or a nice row of Christmas lights to even things out.

In this article, we will cover a few of the items on your holiday window decorations checklist! Enjoy reading about these tips as you decorate your home this holiday season!

Holiday Window Decorations: A Checklist

  • Decide what theme you want to go with.

You might want to go with a winter look or a Christmas theme for the holiday season. A wreath is a popular choice and can work for both the holidays or for any occasion, but it truly depends on the wreath you purchase. You can even buy some greenery and supplies at your local craft store and make a wreath yourself if you are crafty!

If you want a more homemade look, consider letting the children play with removable stickers to decorate your windows and doors with charm! Plus, think about how much fun they will have playing with stickers on the surfaces! You will easily become a favorite family member if you allow the children to do some of the decorating!

  • Determine your budget.

It can be easy to go overboard when decorating your doors and windows. You might think a garland and/or wreath is not much, but the cost can add up quickly. Speak to your family about your holiday decorating budget – how much you will spend making your home look unique this holiday season!

As you determine your decorating budget for the holidays, you might first think about the cost of your Christmas tree. If you are entertaining guests, you might also want to consider the cost of the food you will need to purchase to feed all of them each meal. The costs can add up quickly!

Consider strolling through the neighborhoods you love to see how they decorate their windows and doors. Find new ways to get inspired to determine your own style for decorating. Flip through some home decor magazines or websites. Some of the top home decor websites will have plenty of images for you to browse through. 

  • Get inspired this holiday season.

Don’t forget to trust your gut, too! You probably have great instincts for what works with your current decor. Maybe greenery is the right fit for your home, or perhaps you need to change things up and add Christmas lights to really increase the curb appeal of your home! Your holiday guests will see your doors and windows and fall in love!


As you look for the best holiday window decorations this year, you might want to consider working with a professional door and window cleaner so that your windows truly sparkle. A professional window cleaner can do amazing things to your doors and windows!

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