How to Clean Windows in the Winter (7 Useful Tips)

While many people do love a great winter day, it can be a challenge to clean the outside of your windows! Learn how to clean windows in the winter with these useful tips from Shine®. 

When in doubt on a winter day, you should call in the help of a professional window washing company who can do the job with the right tools and equipment. Plus, they know how to reach those tall windows that you have no idea how to clean!

With Shine®, you can expect the best when it comes to cleaning windows in the winter. We know how to get the windows to look like new. This way, you can enjoy the sunrise or a beautiful snowfall without any smears or smudges on your windows!

Tips for Washing Windows in the Winter

1. Use the right window cleaning equipment.

You will want to use a small shovel to remove any snow on the windows. Remove all ice from the window. You can use cold water to rinse the dirt off the window, but hot water is best in cold weather. Use a paper towel or squeegee to remove excess water.

2. Put safety first.

If you need to reach upper windows in your home or office building and need to use a ladder, be sure to remove any ice from the steps! Clean one window at a time if you’d like, but to keep the water from freezing that you are using, use warm water.

3. Use a partner for tough windows.

To aid in the safety measures that you need to take when cleaning a dirty window on a ladder, be sure to enlist the help of a friend or two. They can hold the ladder while you climb up it to spray the window and get it clean.

4. Use the right window cleaning solution.

Mix one part vinegar with eight parts water. You can also add a bit of rubbing alcohol to give your windows a real sparkle! Learn more about how to clean glass windows.

5. Bundle up for cold weather.

Whether it’s an overcast day or a winter wonderland, you’ll want to get warm with mittens/gloves, a hat or cap, and sturdy boots with non-slip soles. You don’t want to slip on the ice or in the snow!

6. Pick a good winter day.

If you are able to, watch the weather channel or listen to the forecast for the upcoming days. Find out which days will have snow or bad weather to decide which day would be best for you to work outside.

7. Know when to call in the professionals.

Using professional window washers can be a smart move in the winter. You will want your windows to really sparkle, so why not call in the pros to do the job, right?


If you are ready to enlist the help of the professionals at Shine®, be sure to give us a call. That way, we can best determine how to meet your particular needs. We service the OKC/Edmond area and are excited to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Grab a free estimate today!



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