How to Choose the Best Window Washing Service (7 Easy Ways)

Are you looking for the best window washing service? When picking the right professional window washer, it’s important that you find a company that is reliable, efficient, and safe. So, how can you know these things without giving them a try?

In this article, we will take a look at how to choose the best window washing service so that you can feel at ease, knowing that you’ve chosen the right one for you!

How to Choose the Best Window Washing Service for You

1. Read the testimonials of past customers to find out the truth.

It’s a good idea to hear from other people who have used the company you are checking out. What do they have to say about the service they received? Check the company’s website for testimonials of satisfied customers, but also do a Google search of the company.

See what HomeAdvisor has to say about the company. You can read the reviews, both positive and negative, from customers who have used the window washing service.

Start by going to Pro Reviews and Ratings . Once you enter the service you want, which would be “Windows,” in this case, you need to add your zip code. A full listing of available services and reviews with ratings will display on your screen. How easy is that?

2. Check that the professional window washer has proper liability insurance.

Accidents happen, and you do not want to be responsible for a window washer falling off a ladder, your roof, or whatever equipment they use.

Be sure to check out a company’s website to see if they have adequate insurance coverage. Safety is a crucial part of hiring the right business or residential window cleaning company. Perhaps one of the reasons you are hiring a window washer is because of the safety concerns you have in washing your windows by yourself.

A professional window cleaning service should offer liability insurance and protection. That way, you won’t need to worry about one of the window washers falling and having a dreaded accident. Put safety first when choosing a window washing company!

3. Find out what you need to know by asking the right questions.

One thing you can do is verify how long the window cleaning company has been in business. There’s nothing wrong with new startups, but if you are looking for a long-term relationship with a window cleaner, your best bet would be to determine if they have the experience to do your windows the right way.

Check the story or history of the company to learn more about how long they’ve been in business. Usually, something like this is listed on their website.

Do they use the right equipment as specified by health and safety regulations? What is the company’s window washing process? Do they use paper towels and white vinegar to clean your windows, or do they have their own window cleaning solution?

Another important thought is, “What do you need to do in advance?” Often, you need to move your drapes or blinds out of their way and keep your pets in a safe place.

If you want the window cleaning service to clean the inside of your windows, you probably will need to move any obstacles out of the way. Ask the company what needs to be done prior to them coming to clean your windows.

Check to see if the company has a frequently asked questions section on their website, which may help answer these questions.

4. Make sure the company uses the right window washing equipment.

Does the window cleaner have proper cleaning tools and equipment to ensure that your windows are streak-free? The last thing you want is dirty windows that are cleaned by a company, but their window cleaning solution has left streaks on your windows.

Window cleaning can be dangerous, so you should know whether they use proper window washing equipment or not. Many times, a cleaner is suspended dozens of feet off the ground, so be sure to find out if they have the right tools and equipment to clean your windows without having any accidents.

5. Find a company that is professional, reliable, and trustworthy.

There’s nothing worse than waiting for someone to do a business or home service and them not showing up. Find a service that is punctual, reliable, and efficient. Many window washers offer satisfaction guarantees, so you know you can get the most out of their service.

Oklahoma has all kinds of weather, and you never know what to expect from one day to the next. Because of this fact, you need to find a company you can depend on to treat you right and fix your windows up in response to whatever is going on with the weather!

6. Check out how affordable the window washing service is.

Most reputable companies will give you a free no-obligation quote before you have to sign anything or make any agreements. This way, you can find out how much it will be before making any commitments. A trustworthy window washing service will not have a problem giving you a free estimate. You can then compare the prices with other firms.

7. Get a free estimate or quote from the company.

Customers have different needs when it comes to window washing. For example, some have storm windows or screen doors that need extra attention. Make sure you find a window cleaning company that can tailor the services they offer to your individual needs.


It’s important that you find the best window washer for you. Often, window cleaning companies offer great deals but make promises they cannot keep. You should choose the right company for you. At Shine, we are proud of our Shine Guarantee, which offers 100% customer satisfaction.

You can easily get a free estimate on our website, or you are welcome to contact us today for more information. We’d love to help you with whatever home or business window washing needs you may have.

Our mission is to serve our customers in the best way possible; find out more by visiting our website today! We have great services to offer in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area!



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