Five Tips to Get Your Windows Clean for the New Year!

It’s time to get ready for the start of a brand new year…is your home clean and ready? Here are a few tips to clean your windows and get them in tiptop shape for the New Year!

1. Wash windows with a strip applicator

The outside of windows calls for more heavy duty cleaning than the inside. You won’t get them clean using Windex and paper towels. To get your windows in their best shape, use a strip applicator. This is a handheld tool with a strip that absorbs water and soap to help you scrub them clean. It makes it easy to get that grime off.

2. Squeegee them clean

A squeegee will give you the best results when it comes to wiping the water and suds off your windows. Grab your squeegee and start at the top left of the window. Then pull the squeegee over the soapy window in a reverse-S pattern. After each stroke, wipe the squeegee clean with a rag. Lint-free rags, such as old cloth diapers or linen napkins are perfect for this.

3. Dry off any drips

If there is any water remaining on the edges of the glass, wipe it clean with a damp, wrung-dry chamois. This soaks up the wetness without leaving streaks or other marks. Then, completely wipe and dry the windowsill.

4. Remove stubborn spots

Hard water stains from masonry or rain falling through metal screens can leave mineral streaks on glass that can’t easily be removed with normal washing. If you have this on your windows, you can try cleaning the window with a fine 000 steel wool or something called Barkeeper’s Friend. Squeeze the powder onto a wet towel, rub away the stains, then squeegee twice to remove any remaining residue. Keep in mind that stains can come back after this treatment.

If you want to remove stains for good, try using 3 Star Barrier Glass Surface Protectant, which is a clear polymer coating. It is applied with a strip applicator and squeegeed off. This protection is permanent if the polymer is applied after every cleaning.

5. Custom squeegee for multi-pane windows

Have a divided-light window and are struggling to find a squeegee that fits? Try using a hacksaw to cut one to the size of your panes. To make your own squeegee, trim the channel to ¼ inch narrower than the window pane and file the edges smooth. Then, with a utility knife, cut the rubber blade to fit the full width of the window pane and fit into the squeegee channel so 1/8 inch projects at each end.

Or Call in a Professional

Not in the mood or don’t have the time to get those windows spiffed up? That’s no problem. At Shine, we are more than happy to come inspect and clean your windows so you can move onto more important things in your life at this time of year.

We are 100% committed to serving you and doing things right every time. That’s why we are proud to offer a free estimate and a satisfaction guarantee. On the day of your scheduled cleaning service, our cleaning specialists will arrive at your house ready to make your windows look crystal clear. They’ll explain the services they’ll be providing and take the utmost care in making sure other parts of your home are cared for in the process too.

If you want sparkling clean windows but aren’t sure you have the time to clean them, contact us today!



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