Christmas & Holiday Lighting Installation In OKC Metro, OK

Let’s face it- hanging the Christmas lights isn’t how you want to be spending your holiday season. But luckily for you, Shine of OKC Metro is ALL about creating dazzling holiday light displays!

The local team in OKC Metro has been training and learning to create one-of-a-kind, holiday lighting experiences for both residential and commercial locations. 

This year, we want to take the holiday stress off of you – giving you the gift of time and relaxation this holiday season. Enjoy what Shine of OKC Metro has to offer and leave the heavy lifting (and decorating) to us!

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Shine of OKC Metro loves helping our community Shine. With 45+ national franchises and dedicated locally-owned locations, Shine blends both the insurance and business savvy of a national business with the care and commitment of a locally owned small business. Our location in OKC Metro is no exception, with experienced and insured crews that are just a little crazy about Christmas.

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Shining Results

More than just holiday lighting installation


Commercial Christmas Light Installation

When it comes to being a business owner during the holiday season, we know you’ve got A LOT on your plate. One thing you can’t skip out on though is your holiday lighting display!

Let your business Shine with a professional Christmas light installation from our team. Your holiday display will be loved by employees and customers alike! Plus, our safety-backed guarantee will take care of all the details, we’ll handle everything including installation, maintenance, and even storage at the end of the holiday season. 

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Special Event Lighting Installation

While Christmas light installation is a big part of our business, our lighting products are ideal for special events any time of the year. From wedding venues, businesses or being that standout seasonal home, we can provide professional lighting for other occasions too.

We work with many different cities and municipalities to help light and decorate buildings and trees for special occasions too.

  • Halloween Lighting
  • Outdoor Patio & Bistro Lighting
  • Valentine’s Day Lighting
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lighting

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