Why You Should Have Clean Windows Before Listing Your Home for Sale

First impressions count. It only takes split seconds for a buyer to decide if they think your home could potentially become their destined dream residence.

A buyer may first see your wonderful home listed on a home site or may unknowingly drive past and see a For Sale sign on your home. However, they discover your home, you want your home to stop them suddenly in their tracks!

Before paying for a home, a buyer will analyze every angle, both exterior and interior. They will look at the space, the walls, the floor, the garden, the view, and the countertops. They will look at everything, and YES, they will notice those small smears of dirt on the windows that you have been meaning to clear off the last few weeks.

Because of the importance of shining windows, this article will cover why you should have your windows cleaned before listing your home for sale because it’s a very important thing to consider.

The Importance of Having Clean Windows Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Selling a property that you have called home for years can be exciting, tiring, and daunting – all at the same time. Ultimately, you would like to turn a profit when selling your home.

There are many benefits of having your windows cleaned before listing your home for sale. Some examples are:

  • Clean windows let in more daylight.

Transform your home instantly by flooding your interior spaces with natural sunlight, leaving a more spacious homely feel and a positive vibe that will leave your rooms looking amazing. Clean windows will make the property look brighter and lighter. Hiring a Professional window cleaner before listing your home for sale is a must, as they have the right skills, experience, and equipment to give your windows the shine they need.

  • Improve your listing Images.

Stunning, dream-worthy images are a critical part of selling your home. If a buyer sees dirty windows with streaks on the glass or stains smothered, they will quickly hit that “Reject” button. Having startling clean windows has so many advantages, such as ensuring listed home images are of outstanding quality and ready to captivate potential buyers.

  • Show off the breath-taking views in the distance.

Imagine seeing an unforgettable beautiful landscape outside and being excited to see more. Suddenly you spot a glass smear or nitty-gritty dirt spread across the window. Then what happens? All your focus is etched on these dirty windows. All admiration of the sensational views beyond the four walls has disappeared. Having spectacularly clean windows helps to show the beauty of your home and what lies beyond the interior view.

  • Avoid having nasty bits stuck around window handles.

Professional window cleaners do not just take care of the glass; they take care of the frames, the handles, and the whole window exterior. Hence, making sure to clean your windows before listing your home for sale is a must to ensure no repairs are needed, no horrible unsightly elements are on the windows, which may put buyers off.

  • Clean homes sell faster and for more.

Who doesn’t want an immaculate new home, ready to move into with no hassle of cleaning up after the previous tenants? It is a well-known fact that by preparing your home, ranging from washing your walls, cleaning your gutters, doing the gardening, and cleaning the windows, you increase the asking price of your property.

The more visually appealing the property is, the higher you can negotiate prices. Think about when buyers see your images on the site or when they come for a viewing; they don’t want to see dirt marks all over the place. They want to see a place they can call home.

Not only should you clean your windows before listing your home for sale, but there are also many other factors to consider. Preparing your home for sale is vital to ensure you show your property in the best light to buyers.


It is crystal clear that before listing your home for sale, you need to have professionally cleaned windows. Your windows must be gleaming bright without a speck on them. This, in turn, can help to increase your property’s asking price and will allow your home to let off those positive vibes.

As mentioned, having clean windows before listing a property for sale is critical. Why not turn to the best when it comes to professional window washing with Shine®?

We service the Oklahoma City metro area and are proud to serve you! Please contact us today for a free estimate and to find out how we can best meet your particular needs, and let us help you sell your home by having shining doors and windows!



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