Summer Moon Coffee: How to Start Your Morning Off Right

At Shine®, we love being a part of the times when new businesses launch in Oklahoma City and all surrounding areas! We recently had a chance to help Summer Moon Coffee get ready for their upcoming big opening in Yukon, Oklahoma!

Their famous Moon Milk® will be available as soon as they open! Their grand opening will be on January 30 of 2021!

In speaking with the owners of the new shop in Yukon, I discovered that faith was the driving force behind deciding to open up a new shop here in Oklahoma, and upcoming plans include opening up even more coffee shops in the Oklahoma City metro area!

Imagine the joy of sipping the oak-roasted coffee from Summer Moon Coffee when you hit their new location! With a mission of creating an ever-growing community of coffee lovers who can relish in the wonderful coffee, Summer Moon Coffee is truly unlike any other!

Their coffee is roasted in oak! Summer Moon coffee beans are roasted in Austin, Texas, and they deliver the same quality product to all of their 25 locations! Their success has been in abundance over the years, and they are excited to be expanding new locations in the Oklahoma
City area.

If you cannot wait for their grand opening, you can enjoy their delicious coffee by checking out the Summer Moon Coffee shop online. They sell their coffee in grinds and pods!

According to Summer Moon Coffee , there is a natural affinity between oak and coffee beans. That’s why they make every batch of coffee in their handmade brick roasters! Yummy!! I bet your mouth is watering now!

Check out their product page to purchase something wonderful today! They have coffee and Summer Moon Coffee merchandise!

When they open, you are welcome to place your orders ahead of time, so your coffee will be ready when you get to the shop!!

Are you excited to have a new coffee shop in the area? Do you love drinking coffee in the morning? Well, Summer Moon Coffee has a treat in store for you!! Their oak-roasted coffee is to-die-for! You will think you went to heaven when you taste it.

Shine® was honored to clean the windows of the Yukon store as they prepare for their big launch! In fact, we were so excited to be a part of this new business that we had to write about what a success we expect them to be!

Do you need to get your home or business windows cleaned? Be sure to contact Shine® today for a free estimate! Our window professionals are friendly, positive, attentive, and on top of their game! As always, we are insured and ready to safely clean your doors and windows!



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