How to Get Organized for Back to School This Year

Getting ready for your kids to go back to school can be quite challenging. They’ve had the summer off, and now it’s time to get back into the swing of a new schedule. That may mean a new school, sports events, after-school activities, and homework.

So, how can you best adjust to a new routine as your children head back to school? Today, we’ll check out some tips from the parenting expert, Ann Pleschette Murphy, as reported by ABC.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a complete checklist to get your child or children prepared for the school year. Plus, as you ponder how you will spend your newfound free time, we’ll cover a few tips to keep you busy!

Your Stellar Back to School Checklist

1. Change your child’s bedtime routine.

Try to adjust your child’s bedtime as soon as possible. If you can slowly adjust them to a new bedtime, when they have to go to bed earlier for school each night, you won’t be in for such a fight. Remember to wake them up a little earlier, too!

2. Consider using an online organizing system.

Organize all of your child’s information online. There are many websites that can help you get organized. Consider Evernote or Remember the Milk. Those applications are free and easy to use!

3. Be prepared for mountains of paperwork.

Not only will your child be bringing home lots of homework, but they will also have plenty of forms for you to sign. From school supply lists to permission slips, your kids may bombard you with paperwork. Consider implementing a filing system or bulletin board for all of this paperwork. You may even want to scan and have everything on the computer!

4. Keep up with your child’s new class schedule.

You might want to post your children’s class schedules in an obvious location so that you are always aware of what they have been up to during the day. You could ask them specific questions related to the classes they attended that day, for example.

5. Don’t forget about back-to-school shopping!

As you shop for school uniforms and office supplies, you might want to first check what you have already. You might have some leftover supplies from last year! Save money where you can! You might also want to keep all receipts in case you have to return items.

6. Volunteer your time.

Get involved in your kids’ schools. Research shows that children with parents involved at school do better – both academically and socially! If you’ve spent the summer playing with your children, you may have empty nest syndrome and wonder what to do with all your free time. Consider volunteering somewhere where your efforts will be noticed.

7. Book the babysitters in advance.

Trying to keep date night during the school year can be a challenge. Babysitters get booked fast! Consider calling yours in advance to schedule a visit!

8. Discuss goals for the school year with your children.

If you have certain expectations regarding your children’s grades, classes, or upcoming exams, you should have a family meeting to discuss these things! Being open and honest with your children gives you a better chance at success!

9. Pack healthy lunches.

Consider what you will pack for school lunches in advance so that you have everything you need in the morning. You will likely get very busy when the time comes to make lunches, and having everything prepared will save you time.

10. Create a family homework station.

If you create an effective family station, you will be able to find what you need as you head out the door! Consider using a corkboard or bulletin board to organize everything!


As you prepare your children to go back to school, consider using a checklist like this one to get you ready! You may also want to take some time for yourself as you adjust to your children being back at school.

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