Your Annual Home Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

Are the smudged windows or dusty driveway of your home driving you crazy? Is it your long-cherished dream to make your home look stunning with a clean and sparkling exterior? Your house, built with your hard-earned money, is a lifelong investment that should look the way you want it to. One thing for sure is that ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance will help you keep the building in tiptop condition, allowing you to avoid expensive repairs.

Whether you hope to follow it monthly, seasonally, or once a year, using a home cleaning and maintenance checklist may seem overwhelming, especially when you are a new homeowner! However, your home can offer you a peaceful living atmosphere, transforming your dreams into reality if you hire the right professionals and follow an annual cleaning and maintenance checklist like this.

Annual Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

Keep in mind that a home naturally revives in the spring and hunkers down in the wintertime, but you can follow this quick checklist to keep your home in excellent condition year-round.

  • ​​​​​Clean the inside of your windows for more sunshine. Who doesn’t love making the windows of their home look shiny and new? A clean and sparkling window allows more sunlight to enter the room, making it look brighter and letting you enjoy the spring to its fullest! Use a regular window cleaning treatment to make your home truly shine!
  • Professionally clean the exterior of your windows for a true shine. Did you know that dust and dirt can build up on your windows without you even noticing? Cleaning them regularly will help boost the look of your home, so your guests will be wowed. Using a professional window washing service can help you make sure your windows are done right the first time around!
  • Pressure wash your home for in-depth cleaning. Do you want your home exterior to look brighter and more appealing? Pressure washing may be the perfect choice for you; pressure washing uses high-speed water with a cleaning solution to remove dirt, grime, and dust from your home. Talk about a deep cleaning! Your home may be begging for this treatment!
    • Pressure wash your driveway for a stellar-looking entrance. A filthy driveway alone can spoil all your attempts at making your home look stunning. You can use an effective power washing process on your driveway to keep those dirty stains and marks away and make your entrance look brand new!
    • Pressure wash your deck to boost the curb appeal. Make your deck look marvelous for the next outdoor party with pressure washing. If your deck was unused during the winter, it needs attention. To keep the deck in tiptop shape, check if the area has any cracks or loose nails. Consider pressure washing your deck for maximum appeal!
    • Pressure wash your patio and pool area for a great look! Whether it’s a summer night get-together or a sizzling barbeque party, there is no better place to hang out than a patio or pool! However, before you dive into the pool or throw parties on the patio, do an inspection of the space and pressure wash the area to remove any unwanted debris, maintaining a fresh look!
  • Clean out those gutters for the ultimate protection of your home. Gutters are essential for controlling rainwater and safeguarding the foundation, sides, and roof. If you skip annual gutter cleaning, they can get clogged, causing serious leakage and debris overflow! Proper gutter cleaning will tell you if there are foundation cracks or insect infestations, so you can take action to make any necessary repairs.
  • Paint any necessary areas to dazzle your guests. The walls of any building create the first impression on a visitor. To mesmerize your guests, paint your walls annually if they need it. Have you noticed any chipping paint on the wall? Get out that paintbrush and do a little touch-up work.
  • Check the humidity level of your home to live in comfort. Does your house have a humidity level exceeding the optimal range of 30-50%? If so, you may have mold and mildew buildup. To maintain the optimal level, make sure you check the humidity level with a hygrometer.
  • Check the HVAC system to maintain a tiptop system in your home. Reduce energy consumption by checking the furnace, air conditioner compressor, and bathroom vents. Also, be sure to clean the vents and ducts to ensure the system is operating correctly.
  • Spring clean your home for a stunning look. Imagine how beautiful the inside of your home will look with excellent detailed cleaning! Detail the mirrors, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and chandeliers to make your property shine like never before!
  • Don’t forget to check the plumbing system. Be sure to check your pipes, faucets, toilet tanks, and even the ceiling for any leaks or damages to avoid unforeseen plumbing problems.


Are you thinking about trying the annual cleaning and maintenance checklist for your home? Whether you want to make the windows look glistening or keep the outside well-maintained, the ultimate choice should be hiring an expert service to help you out. Are you searching for a high-class home maintenance service provider? Why not try the best with Shine®, which covers the Oklahoma City metro area, including Edmond? At Shine®, we offer fantastic services backed by excellent professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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