Discover Shine of Long Island’s Permanent Holiday and Architectural Lighting by Inception Lighting

  • Holiday and Architectural Lighting Year Round
  • Celebrate Holidays, Sporting Events, Special Occasions and more
  • Illuminate Your home with a Warm White Glow
  • Seamless Installation Blends with Your Home’s Trim
  • App Control in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Static and Color Changing Programs
  • The Cost is About the Same as 3 Years of Putting Conventional Lights Up and Down-yet you get to use the lights all year

What is Permanent Holiday Lighting by Shine of Long Island? 

If you love lighting up your home for the winter holiday with traditional  lighting but want something more permanent that you can use to get that festive feeling all year round,  there’s an ideal solution waiting for you. 

Shine of Long Island now offers Inception Lighting, a permanent lighting system that seamlessly merges with your home’s architecture by day, only to transform into a mesmerizing app-controlled color changing spectacle at night.

 Let’s explore how Permanent Holiday Lighting can illuminate your Long Island home year-round.

Shine’s Permanent Holiday Lighting Blends in with Your Home’s Existing Trim

Inception Lighting’s ingenious system beautifully captures the essence of C9 lights with its 12″ spacing and forward-facing orientation. During the day, these lights effortlessly blend into your home’s exterior, enhancing its appeal. But come nightfall, they come alive, enveloping your home in a captivating array of colors, perfect for celebrating holidays and special occasions.

Daytime Look of your Inception Lighting

Night-Time Look of Inception Lighting (Pink Mode) 


So Many Ways to Celebrate Year Round on Long Island 

The versatility of permanent holiday lighting from Shine extends beyond traditional holiday festivities. Picture your home adorned in vibrant hues to mark Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any patriotic event. However, the magic doesn’t stop there! 

Express your unwavering support for your favorite local or professional teams, support your favorite charity (we love to light it up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month), celebrate birthdays, baby showers and more… 

Inception Lighting is  programmed  to shine in a number of static or color changing modes. Making it a versatile and dynamic system that will fascinate your friends and neighbors. 

Architectural Uses of Permanent Lighting

Additionally, for the rest of the year, you can revel in the elegance of solid warm white lights, effortlessly complementing your existing architectural accent lighting.

Why Choose Permanent Holiday and Architectural Lighting from Shine of Long Island? 

Shine is the only company certified to install Inception Lighting on the Island.  

Inception lighting introduces a whole new level of illumination to Long Island.

Gone are the days of temporary Christmas lights. With year-round installations and the ability to customize colors for any season or reason, permanent Holiday Lighting from Shine empowers you to create captivating displays that reflect your unique style and celebrate life’s special moments.

Shine’s 5 Star Service, Reliability and Professionalism make our company stand out from the competition.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  

You can  trust the Professionals at Shine of Long Island to install your lighting and to provide the support and maintenance needed to keep your system running smoothly. 


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