Elevate Your Carmel Property with
Custom Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Welcome to Shine of Carmel, your premier source for transforming the exterior of your Carmel home with professional landscape lighting services. Serving communities from Allisonville to Zionsville, we provide customized lighting solutions that enhance your property’s aesthetics while improving its security and safety.

Our services are designed to complement the unique character of Carmel—from the busy corridors of the Arts & Design District to communities along the White River. Using only the highest quality LED lighting products, we guarantee satisfaction and a significant enhancement to your home’s nighttime appeal.

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Custom Landscape Lighting

Transform your property with local landscape lighting services from Shine. Our high-quality lighting sets a distinctive ambiance and enhances safety, making your outdoor spaces more accessible and inviting after dark.

From the initial design consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance, our team manages every detail. We collaborate closely with you to develop a lighting plan that aligns with your home’s architecture and your personal taste. Our commitment continues beyond installation as we provide comprehensive maintenance to ensure your lighting remains impeccable all year round.

Shine Landscape Lighting services
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Benefits of Landscape Lighting from Shine of Carmel

Outdoor Lighting Techniques for Carmel Homes

Enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your Carmel property with our array of landscape lighting styles. At Shine of Carmel, we understand that effective lighting does more than just illuminate—it transforms the beauty and character of your home throughout the year.

Whether you’re aiming to welcome guests with a charming atmosphere, improve security around your property’s perimeter, or spotlight the unique architectural and natural features of your home, our expertly designed lighting solutions bring out the best in your property every season.

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Highlight the beauty of Carmel’s natural and architectural landmarks. Illuminate significant trees like the Eastern Hemlock and Tulip Poplar, or cast a welcoming glow on your home’s façade for a dramatic effect that enchants all who see it.

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Downlighting & Pathways

Utilize soft, ambient lighting along pathways and driveways to mimic the gentle glow of the moon, enhancing visibility and adding a welcoming touch to your property, perfect for safe nighttime navigation.

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Integrate lighting within stone walls, patios, and steps to accentuate their textures and enhance the landscape’s natural elegance, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere after dusk.

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Speciality String Lights

Incorporate bistro or string lights in outdoor living areas or draped among branches, ideal for entertaining or unwinding during peaceful Carmel evenings.

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Direct light towards striking plants like the Redbud and Purple Coneflower, enhancing the visual appeal of your gardens and making outdoor areas vibrant and attractive for evening enjoyment.

Experience Carmel Year-Round with Our Professional Lighting Services


Elevate the ambiance of your home with Shine’s landscape lighting. Envision your outdoor spaces transformed: gardens and pathways softly lit for tranquil evening walks, patios brightened for lively gatherings, and architectural features highlighted to showcase your home’s best angles.

Contact us today to learn how our landscape lighting services can bring your vision to life and make your Carmel property a beacon of beauty and elegance.

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