House Washing Versus House Detailing

Is your house in need of some sprucing up? If cobwebs and dirt buildup on your home are taking a toll on the appearance, the solution is simple. All a home usually needs is a good thorough cleaning and it will be your beloved sanctuary again. However, a deep, extensive cleaning can be exhausting, back-breaking work – especially if you’re attempting to tackle it all by yourself. Luckily, there are professional services available that use special equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. At Shine, here are the two of our most popular offerings: house washing and house detailing.

What is House Washing?

House washing is our most popular service. It is a full-service house wash that allows your entire house to be cleaned from top to bottom, leaving every inch sparkling. We first make a detailed inspection of your home and its surrounding areas. After that, we make sure all fragile and valuable items are protected and moved out of the way if necessary. This also includes house plants! When all sensitive items are well-protected, the cleaning solution is applied to the whole house. Areas that are problematic are scrubbed by hand to make sure everything is removed. The cleaning solution is then carefully rinsed off, removing stubborn dirt, stains and dust in the process. The only thing left behind will be a fresh, clean house.


What is House Detailing?

House detailing focuses on the smaller areas in the home. Similarly, soap is first applied. Problem areas are also scrubbed with a brush. Everything is then rinsed off with a power washer, but with the use of a low-pressure stream in order to prevent damage.

Shine’s Pet and Plant Safety

When cleaning homes, we know caring for the surrounding landscaping is just as important, and so is caring for any animals living around the outside of a home. We take the following measures to insure safety.

  • Pet Safety – Your beloved pets will also be taken care of – we will make sure that they are safely out of the way when the house is being cleaned. This includes keeping them away from potential dangerous zones like ladders.
  • Safe for Plants – Plants are also vulnerable to chemicals, which is why we soak them in water before the cleaning process so that they don’t end up absorbing any of the soap that is used.

The Importance of House Washing and Detailing

When it comes to home-owning, taking care of the house is a must to retain your property value and for it to hold up for years to come. Instead of waiting for the dirt and bird droppings to accumulate, resulting in hard-to-remove, stubborn stains and even permanent damage, it’s best to be proactive and deep clean your home at least once per year. The longer a house goes without a thorough cleaning, the worse it can get – and everything ends up looking old and worn.

You’d be surprised at how much a clean home can improve property values too. When it comes to real estate, cleanliness goes a long way. It gives prospective buyers a sense that the house is well cared for and properly maintained-and it will be.



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