Preparing Your Home for Holiday Lighting

When it comes to putting holiday lighting and decorations on your home’s exterior, do you like to go all out? Or do you tend to stick to one tree, or maybe a strand of lights around the front door?

While there’s no wrong way to decorate your home, it’s no secret that everyone at Shine is a big fan of using lots of holiday lights! It’s thought that having a lot of Christmas decorations can help signal to your neighbors that your family is friendly and sociable. There have even been studies done on this topic! If you’ve recently moved into a new neighborhood, or would like to get to know more of your neighbors better, a stunning holiday light display could actually be the answer. What could be better than cheery holiday lighting that brings joy to those around you and leads to new friends over the holiday season?

Holiday Lighting Checklist

In theory, this is all very heartwarming, however we know that the process of hanging up a lot of holiday lights and decorations can be stressful. Everyone at the Shine family wants you to have a beautiful holiday season, so we’ve put together some tips that can help make the process a little easier.

  1. Trim trees and bushes first: shaping and cleaning up your landscaping helps to reduce wayward branches that will snag on light strings and make the process difficult.
  2. Clean up yard waste: be sure to remove any damp leaves and dry all walkways so you don’t slip while installing lights.
  3. Clean exterior windows: clean and shiny glass will help to enhance the twinkle of your home’s window holiday lights! If you live in a cool climate and still have any screens in place, now’s the time to take them down, wash them, and store them for next year. Next, wash exterior glass by hand with a commercial window cleaning solution and immediately dry the surface to avoid water spotting. Be sure to only attempt cleaning windows you can safely reach from the ground, and never use a pressure washer. You can also call your local Shine office to make an appointment for full screen cleaning and window cleaning services – we’ll come do it for you in no time at all.
  4. Test every light: We know you’re excited to get those lights up, but wait! Unwind each strand, lay it out, and check for any broken or cracked lightbulbs. Plug the entire strand in and make sure every bulb lights up. Replace any strands that are malfunctioning or completely burnt out.

Window Holiday Lights & More!

If this still seems like a lot of work, or you’d like to upgrade your lighting game but don’t have time, Shine can do it for you! Our holiday lighting professionals will handle the complete process for you, including design, installation, maintenance, and even storage until next year. Shine even provides all the high-quality lights and decorations needed to illuminate your custom light array. We’ll place lights around windows, doors, eaves, trees, bushes, walkways – you name it!

Contact Shine for a free, no-obligation consultation and learn how you can easily have the Christmas displays of your dreams. After all, there won’t be any satisfaction in a beautiful light display if you’re feeling too grumpy or stressed out by the process! Our pros will handle all the heavy lifting so you can truly enjoy the season by spending time with your friends, family, and neighbors. Best yet, you can still take all the bragging rights for having the coolest holiday house on the block!



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