Have You Considered Professional Holiday Lighting Installation?

Putting up your holiday lighting can be stressful and dangerous. You deserve to relax and enjoy the holidays so leave the stress and hard work to Shine Holiday Lighting this holiday season!

Excitement for the holiday season bubbles long before the end of the year, making many of us eager to enjoy it once it gets here. We want to help you jump right into this holiday season without the stress of tackling the outdoor lighting. Shine provides your local area with light installation any time of the year and especially during the holidays.

We design, install and even store Christmas lights for customers in our community so that you can celebrate together, stress free. If you haven’t considered hiring professionals to install your lights this year then maybe it’s time. You deserve to relax and enjoy the holidays just like the rest of your friends and family so leave the stress and hard work to us this holiday season!

Challenges During the Holiday Season

Putting up your Christmas lights doesn’t simply mean you climb a ladder and string some lights across the front of your home. Wouldn’t that be great though?! The process of installing your outdoor lights actually comes with a lot of intense preparation time. In fact, you can count on spending at least a few dedicated days to the preparation and installation. Here are a few challenges to consider this holiday season:

  • Burnt out bulbs Sometimes one pesky bulb or one frayed segment can ruin your entire collection of lights, not to mention all the hard work that went into their installation. Either you find it by spending hours checking each light bulb, one by one, or you discover it only after you’ve already hung your lights that won’t turn on.
  • Too much power We often forget that all of our power outlets are limited to only so much energy that can run through them. The more that you add to the outlet by way of connecting strand after strand of light together then the more likely that you will blow your fuse in the plugs, which is an even bigger headache that installing the lights in the first place.
  • Cords and plugs Because of the excessive demand for power outlets during the holiday season many are often left with the option of running their cords across open spaces to get to power. This can be very dangerous as happy guests fail to notice it at their feet. Strategic and careful placement of the cords is just as important as proper light
  • Safety hazards Even if all of your lights are in proper working condition and your cords are neatly tucked away your lights could still be a safety hazard. Sometimes they can get too hot and spark a fire making it extra important that you check your lights even more carefully.

Shine Lighting

We have been serving your area for years and so we know the most popular styles for Christmas lighting as well as the best products for our weather conditions. Our professional designer works with customers in order to design exactly what you’re looking for whether it’s a simple strip of lighting or a full display. We also create individual programs for our clients in order to meet their needs within their budget.

When we arrive on the scheduled installation date we quickly install the lights without any disruption. We are available throughout the entire season for maintenance or replacement as needed and then we come back to remove everything from the property at the end of the season. We store all the products for the next season so we are always ready to serve our customers.

Our full service holiday lighting installation can help make your holiday season a relaxing and joyous one this year. It’s never too early to start planning no matter what you’re looking for. Contact us today to get more information about how we design programs for our customers. We’d be happy to explore your ideas with you!



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