Christmas in July? It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Your Holiday Lighting!

The holidays are a time for enjoyment and family. Discover how Shine Holiday Lighting can professionally install a custom holiday design for you and relieve your holiday stress!

It’s never too early to start planning your budget for Christmas, including the holiday lighting. The weather may be ideal now but when the busy holiday season approaches at the end of the year, you may not have such luck. Shine Window Care and Holiday Lighting provides holiday lighting services to your area so that you can enjoy the season without the annual battle with the Christmas lights.

Shine’s Christmas Lighting Solution

Shine Holiday Lighting provides professional light installation to both residential and commercial properties. We provide the new LED lighting, design, installation, and even removal and storage of your lighting each year. Whether you want our professional company to make your home more cheery this season or you want your business to send a holiday message to your customers, we can help you with your holiday lighting now.


Holidays are best known as the time of year that family can get together and friends can relax. Why, then, does it also come with the large task of Christmas decorations? Our professional light installation company can help take over this task by installing and removing the lights for you. We also help reduce the risk of accidents by carefully and correctly installing quality lights that meet our careful safety standards. We offer individualized programs that meet your needs and work within your budget so that your house can shine brightly this holiday season.


Your company provides quality services to your customers year after year and you have a reliable customer base. Treat your customers like family and have some Christmas lights installed this year. We help local businesses with the design and product selection as well as the installation of the Christmas lights. By adding a bit of glitz to your business during the holiday season you will help brighten the mood for your customers while also drawing attention to your storefront. Let us take care of the hard work and liability while you brightly greet your customers.

How it Works

Our professional team can handle the chore of installing your Christmas lighting this year from start to finish. Our professional designer will walk you through the process, step by step, so that you can understand how everything works. The designer will create a design and complete program for you and your needs. As a part of the program, we supply the lights for your design as well as maintenance throughout the season in the event that something goes wrong. Shine will install the lights at the start of the season and then return at the end of the season for the removal. We store the lights in our protective facilities throughout the winter until you are ready for your next installation!


The benefits of our services are seemingly endless for our customers each year. We provide convenience by assuming the responsibility of installing your Christmas lights. This does not mean that we simply arrive and install the lights; it means so much more. We take care of the labor-intensive work as well as the mundane task of checking every light and wire for safety and functionality. We reduce the overall potential stress of the installation by doing it for you. Our experience allows us to move carefully but swiftly so that your Christmas lights go up with a fresh, professional look in no time.

Simplify your holiday season this year by planning ahead, now. By contacting us today you can ensure you get scheduled in and then can explore the different options we offer to design an ideal program for you and your home or business. Once a quote is ready then you will have time to adjust your budget and enjoy the rest of the year. On the scheduled date we will carry through with the installation so that you can have a relaxing holiday season this year!



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