Average Window Washing Costs in Dallas, Texas

Dirty windows can make your home look unappealing to guests and potential home buyers. However, windows get dirty so quickly that it creates a lot of work.

Some people choose to pay for professional window cleaning services in Dallas and Austin to cover this part of the household chores. However, you need to know the average costs to gauge whether you are getting a deal or not.

Average Window Washing Costs

On average, it costs $200 to clean the windows of a typical 1500 square foot home. This comes to $10 – $15 per double panel window or $40 – $75/ hour, but larger homes and homes with more windows than usual will cost more.

Of course, a number of additional factors help determine the final cost of the work, including the type of windows.

See the following average costs of cleaning different types of windows:

  • Sliding windows – $4 per panel
  • Decorative windows – $5 per panel
  • Sliding glass doors – $7
  • Large, picture windows – $12
  • Tri-fold bay windows – $28

Commercial window washing services may cost slightly more with an average cost of $6.67 per panel for interior and exterior cleaning.

You must also add $3 – $5 per panel for windows that are hard to access and windows above the third floor.

If the job requires track cleaning or more extensive cleaning, this will add to the cost, too.

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Why Hire Professional Services

Some people struggle to justify the expense of professional window washing services. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider professional window cleaning.

Experience and Know-How

Professional window cleaners have experience with a wide range of situations, and they have the training to know how to get the best results.

They also have the best cleaning supplies for the job, instead of using all-purpose cleaners that won’t produce the same results.

A professional service will get the job done significantly better than if you do the work yourself. This is especially important when you have a serious cleaning task on your hands after construction or a natural disaster.

Reach Inaccessible Windows

Some houses have windows that you can’t reach with the help of a ladder. After a time, these windows become dirtier and dirtier to the point of causing a serious offense to the eyes.

Professional services have the equipment to reach these hard-to-reach windows s that they can shine again.

Regular Service

You have a lot of household chores on your to-do list at all times. It can make things difficult to fit time for the windows along with everything else, especially if you have more pressing items to consider. You may even forget to do them all together.

You Don’t Have to Do the Work

Many homeowners don’t enjoy doing the dirty work. If you prefer to manage than get dirty, hiring a professional service will save you the hassle of climbing up onto ladders.

Some homeowners have mobility limitations that make it advisable for them to hire a professional to avoid falling off a ladder and hurting themselves.

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Exterior Window Cleaning

Best Window Cleaning Practices

We cover some of the best window cleaning practices so that your windows will look great for as long as possible.

Get Regular Cleaning

On average, experts recommend getting window washing services 2 – 4 times a year or as needed.

Generally speaking, people get window cleaning services before the holiday season and before summer. The idea is to get the windows clean before guests come over the most.

People who entertain often or have highly visible windows may require more cleaning than standard homes.

Clean Both Inside and Outside of Windows

It can be tempting to simply clean the inside of the windows and leave the outside windows since the outside windows require considerably more effort and get dirty again faster.

However, the exterior windows contribute to your home’s curb appeal. Not cleaning them can make people view your home as less attractive and even lower your reputation in the neighborhood.

Use Pressure Washers Carefully

Pressure washers produce power to forcefully remove dirt and grime from windows.

However, pressure washers can generate too much power for your purposes, especially if you do not have the proper training. If you aren’t careful, you can damage the window frame or break the glass of the windows.

Clean More than Glass

Some people have a misconception that window cleaning only involves cleaning the glass. However, the windows need cleaning around the edges, too, especially the window track that allows them to move. If the track gets too dirty, it can make the windows difficult to open and close.

Professional Exterior Window Cleaning

Shine Window Cleaning

At Shine Window Cleaning, we offer cost-effective and high-quality window cleaning services in the Dallas and Austin areas.

We incorporate our core values into every job we do. That means we try to shine throughout the process brighter than the light that enters the perfectly cleaned windows.

Window cleaning services we offer include:

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Screen cleaning
  • High rise
  • Track cleaning

You can also get regular quarterly cleaning services so that you have clean windows all year long without having to handle the details yourself. Shine takes care of everything for you!

Shine also offers house cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and Christmas light services.

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