How High Rise Window Cleaning Works in Denver, CO

Do you ever wonder how the windows at universities, shopping malls, and other high-rise buildings get cleaned?

While people aren’t opening and closing these windows, they do get very dirty due to dust circulation, bird feces, and other debris. If you own or manage a high-rise building and need the windows cleaned, the best thing to do is to hire a high-rise window cleaner. 

High-rise window cleaners are professionals who have the right equipment and safety training to clean the windows that you can’t reach. Read this guide to learn how high-rise window cleaning works in Denver.

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How Does High-Rise Window Cleaning Work?

High-rise window cleaners

First things first, how exactly does high-rise window cleaning work? High-rise window cleaners take a lot of precautionary steps to ensure they stay safe during the window cleaning process.

Window Cleaning Equipment

To clean the windows, professionals will typically use a rope protector, safety rope, descent mechanism, rope-grabbing tool, lanyard, and suction cups. The exact equipment they need will also depend on the type of work they’re doing. Some common window-cleaning mechanisms include:

Bosun’s Chair: This is a modern invention that is meant to be used by a single washer. The chair can be used to access tight areas on the outside of a window while keeping the washer safely seated in a stationary position. 

Boom: This is the oldest and most commonly used mechanism historically for cleaning high-rise windows. A boom is a device made of a scaffold that can carry multiple window washers. Therefore, it allows a group to work simultaneously. Booms are permanent systems that are fixed to the roof of the building and used when required. 
Carriage: A carriage has become an increasingly popular alternative to a bosun’s chair and a boom. The carriage is mounted onto a rail on the roof, allowing it to move from side to side over the facade. Like a boom, it can hold multiple washers at one time. However, many carriages also come with portable davits that allow washers to access multiple areas on the window’s exterior by a group of washers.

What’s It Like to Clean High-Rise Windows?

Many people compare high-rise window cleaning to rock climbing, as it takes a lot of athleticism and mobility to get the job done. Additionally, one must always be aware of their surroundings and know how to follow the proper safety measures

And, you can’t really be afraid of heights if you’re going to be a professional high-rise window cleaner!

Is High-Rise Window Cleaning Dangerous?

High-rise window cleaning is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. So, if you need your high-rise windows cleaned, you should definitely hire a professional for the job. Luckily, if the window cleaners follow the safety protocols in place, nothing should go wrong. 

Plus, high-rise window cleaners don’t just learn what they’re doing on the job. To become a high-rise window cleaner, one must earn certification through the International Window Cleaning Association. They’ll need to take safety courses to ensure they know how to use all of the equipment. 

Before lowering themselves to the windows, they’ll perform safety checks on themselves and all of their equipment.

What are the Benefits of High-Rise Window Cleaning?

High rise window cleaning

So, why should you have your high-rise windows cleaned? Here are some of the top benefits:

Improve Employee Health

Having a healthy workforce is essential to the success of your business. If your windows are dirty, you may be putting your employees at risk of developing a cold. 

Employees who suffer from asthma or allergies are especially at risk, as they could develop a reaction to debris circulating in the air. 


As we mentioned, high-rise window cleaning can be a dangerous job. Professional cleaners need to use the appropriate equipment and undergo extensive training to ensure their safety. If you attempt to clean your high-rise windows yourself, you may put yourself at risk for injury or even death. 

Hiring professional window cleaners is the best way to ensure safety.

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Enhance Your Image 

One of the biggest benefits of professional window cleaning is that it can give your building and your company a more positive image. A dirty office may signify poor business practices, while a clean office signifies a sophisticated and detail-oriented business. 

By keeping your exterior windows clean, you’ll be able to make a good impression on those who come to your building and pass it by. 

Enhance Productivity 

Studies show that workers are more productive in clean environments. By keeping your building and your windows clean, your workers will be more motivated to stay on top of their work. 

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How to Find a High-Rise Window Cleaner

To reap all of the benefits of high-rise window cleaning, you need to find the right cleaner. 

To find the right high-rise window cleaner, we suggest doing some online research and reading reviews. Make sure you find a window cleaning company with appropriate experience and don’t forget to ask about the training process of the staff. 

Additionally, we recommend getting quotes from several professional window cleaning companies before making a decision. And, make sure you understand the pricing structure. Some companies charge hourly rates, while others charge by the window or by the size of the project. 

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Are You Ready to Hire High-Rise Window Cleaners?

Now that you understand how high-rise window cleaning works, it’s time to find professional window cleaners in your area. Before you know it, your windows will be squeaky clean!

Are you looking to hire high-rise window cleaners in the Denver area? If so, contact us today for a free estimate!



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