Continuing to Shine Together

It’s no secret that at Shine, we’re devoted to spring cleaning. Our passion has taken on new importance now in light of developments around the spread of COVID-19.

At the time of writing this message, the country has been advised to practice “social distancing” and stay in our own homes as much as possible. In addition to those measures, cleaning and sanitizing remains one of the most effective ways to halt the spread of COVID-19 in its tracks. Placing a focus on cleaning can also help reduce the spread of other seasonal respiratory illnesses, further freeing up the resources and time our brave healthcare professionals are devoting to treating and curing this virus.

Our Shine teams around the country remain staffed and ready to help keep our communities clean. Our technicians are fully briefed on adhering to CDC guidelines, and we’re offering a fully contactless service – from scheduling through electronic billing.

We’ve compiled answers to some questions you may have about spring cleaning during COVID-19.

How can Shine’s services help with COVID-19?

Every Shine service involves high-quality, professional-grade cleaning products that physically remove dirt and pathogens from surfaces. While disinfecting products are flying off the shelves, soap and water cleaning solutions are still ideal for sanitizing indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Shine’s pressure washing services also utilize high powered streams of deionized water, also effective for removing dirt and pathogens.

Because COVID-19 can live on many hard surfaces for a matter of days, not hours, keeping communal, public-facing, and high-traffic areas around your property clean can support your efforts to reduce exposure to the virus.

What is a contactless service?

While our Shine team members love interacting with our community and getting to know our customers personally, important social distancing guidelines advise that we all keep a six-foot distance from each other. Your local Shine office is happy to help you set up an appointment for cleaning over the phone, providing the same level of personalized care you’ve come to expect and trust. Our team will then visit your property at the scheduled time and carry out a full cleaning while you remain comfortable inside. We’ll follow up with simple electronic billing and payment instructions.

What should I be cleaning inside my house?

In addition to your standard cleaning routines, the CDC is recommending regular cleaning of any surfaces you frequently touch. Theses surfaces may include doorknobs, faucets, light switches, countertops, remotes, computer keyboards, and more.

If your state is currently business or “shelter in place” restrictions that have you spending more time at home, now is an excellent opportunity to focus on spring cleaning – both general cleaning activities and additional steps that help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A spring cleaning “refresh” is not only great for physical health, but it can do wonders for your mood, too!

If you have a washer/dryer at home, now is a great time to clean draperies and other fabric items that are not washed regularly. If you typically use a laundromat or have textiles that you cannot clean at home, try airing things out on a sunny porch. Refreshing fabric sprays may be useful as well – just be sure to spot-test them in an inconspicuous area first.

How should I be cleaning surfaces?

Sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals may not work effectively on surfaces that have visible dirt. It’s a great idea to clean any dirty surfaces first with soap and water, and then apply additional disinfecting products as necessary. Plus, soap and water have the added effect of physically removing many pathogens from surfaces to begin with. And remember: never mix bleach with other household cleaners.

Follow manufacturer recommendations for cleaning electronics and other items that cannot come into contact with water. Low-moisture products like disinfecting wipes can often be a great way to spot-disinfect without damage. For things that cannot come into contact with moisture at all, gently rub with a clean microfiber cloth. Microfiber is great at grabbing and removing dirt, dust, and pathogens.

Always follow the CDC’s cleaning recommendations, available at and

The Shine team remains committed to being a light during this uncertain time. To schedule an appointment or learn more about Shine’s services, contact your local Shine office. Our teams are on hand to provide additional information and support to our communities.

Together, we’ll all continue to Shine.



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