Top Considerations When Adding Landscape Lighting to Your Home

Professional landscape lighting can add character and style to your home, and give you more time to enjoy your outside areas as the days get shorter and the sun goes down earlier. Additionally, landscape lighting can make your home safer and more secure.

Before you begin the process of placing landscape lighting around your home, there are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to get the best results.

Keep reading to learn some aspects to consider when adding landscape lighting to your home!


Shine Landscape Lighting Services

1. Focal Points

Do you have parts of your outdoor areas that you love and want to draw more attention to? Carefully consider light placement for these spots and decide the best way to illuminate them. 

With proper light placement, you can create focal points around your outdoor space to highlight your favorite spots!


Shine Landscape Lighting Services

2. Consistency

If you’re planning to put landscape lighting in more than one area, make sure your lighting is evenly distributed. 

For example, don’t leave a big section of your backyard dark when the rest is illuminated with bright lights. Unlit portions that don’t match the other areas will throw off your aesthetic and also make people ignore or overlook that area.


Shine Landscape Lighting Services

3. Understand Uplighting vs. Downlighting

The way you position your lights will make a big difference when you turn them on. Learn about some positioning options: 

Uplighting refers to lights that are installed at low or ground level and shine upward. Downlighting refers to lights that shine downward, so they would be installed at a higher level to create a downward light effect.

Choose the lighting effect that you think works best for the features you’re planning to highlight. For instance—if you have a tree that you really love in your yard, uplighting would be the best way to go. On the other hand, consider downlighting to illuminate features like water or pathways.


Shine Landscape Lighting Services

4. Light Size

Make sure to choose a lighting fixture size that blends well with the elements in your outdoor spaces. For example, if you’re lighting a pathway, don’t choose lights that are too big—they may block parts of the walking area. 

Alternatively, choosing a small light to illuminate larger features of your home may look tacky or not work sufficiently for that space.


Shine Landscape Lighting Services

5. Style & Color

You’ll find that there’s a plethora of options from which to choose when you begin shopping around for your lights. Choose styles and colors that compliment the features of your outdoor spaces. 

If you have a more modern home, you may opt for more contemporary outdoor lights with a minimalistic look—like square or sphere-shaped fixtures with neutral colors, for example. 

You can also choose more ornate fixtures as well, like those with florals or decorative hooks. It all depends on your taste and what style suits your home best.


Shine Landscape Lighting Services

6. Get Help From a Professional

If you feel like you need help picking out lights and figuring out where to place them, a skilled landscape lighting team can be your saving grace.

When placed properly, landscape lighting is a wonderful addition to any type of home. Shine’s landscape lighting will take your home’s appeal to the next level. It will not only make your outdoor areas Shine, but it also gives you the chance to show off your favorite parts of your home, all while making it safer to navigate. Our skilled team will even lay wires beneath sidewalks, grass, or mulch, eliminating tripping hazards and pesky clutter.  We’re confident in our ability to provide your home with gorgeous lighting in the safest and most efficient way possible!


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