Christmas & Holiday Lighting Installation in Frisco-Plano, TX

Become the envy of the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth area with professional holiday lighting at your home or business. The insured, trained and talented team at Shine can turn any home into a winter wonderland! Clark Griswold wishes he could have enlisted the team at Shine!

We all know the holidays are more stressful than fun, but wouldn’t you love to be one of those stress free people – even if just once? Unload one of the biggest projects on your “to do” list, the outdoor decorating. Not only is the team at Shine trained in safely hanging lights and wreaths – even at great heights – but they can help you plan and design the perfect look for you. No matter if you’re looking for the perfect traditional warm light look or thinking of turning Christmas on its head with multi-color, icicles and a combination of it all!

Even better – after the holidays the Frisco-Plano team comes to disassemble, pack-up and store everything for the next holiday season. The best Christmas gift has come early – it’s the team of Shine!

Shine offers professional holiday lighting installation for residential properties

Local Professional Christmas Light Installers Near You

Christmas lighting in the Frisco-Plano area can be competitive, we know, we’re local! What sets the team at Shine apart from others is our experience and commitment to the community. Our team has been living and working in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for years. At Shine, we’re backed by a corporate team and 40 franchises across the country, but with a locally owned and operated team in your backyard. 

Insured, experienced and trained – this is what we do! Our corporate partners host a national training each year. We’re not just jumping on a ladder, we’re learning the newest tips, tricks and trends. Then we’re bringing them back to make sure your home SHINES for the holidays. Don’t wait – just like Santa, we’re busy this time of year! Book your appointment now!


More Than Just Holiday Lighting Installation

With training and experience our team is well versed on Christmas light installation. Teams learn how to safely install lighting one your home and throughout walkways. And it’s not just the lighting we focus on, but the entire package. Additional accessories including wreaths, garland, ribbon are accessed across trees, shrubs and hardscaping. 


Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Don’t give your employees the chance to call you Ebenezer Scrooge, surprise the entire office and your customers with a custom light display! Get into the holiday spirit and increase your holiday customer numbers with a little light and sparkle!

Plus, just like residential customers, we offer full service planning, design, installation and the best part – we take it all down and store for next year! Little effort but big gains!

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Special Event Lighting Installation

While Christmas light installation is a big part of our business, our lighting products are ideal for special events any time of the year. From wedding venues, businesses or being that standout seasonal home, we can provide professional lighting for other occasions too.

We work with many different cities and municipalities to help light and decorate buildings and trees for special occasions too.

  • Halloween Lighting
  • Outdoor Patio & Bistro Lighting
  • Valentine’s Day Lighting
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lighting

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