Expert Landscape Lighting in Minnetonka, MN

Shine of Minnetonka provides top-tier landscape lighting services across Minnetonka and its neighboring communities including Eden Prairie, Hopkins, and Wayzata. We are passionate about enhancing our community and your home, ensuring that your property stands out beautifully throughout the year.

We specialize in adapting to the diverse environments of Minnetonka, from its lush residential areas to its thriving business districts. Backed by cutting-edge LED lighting technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we promise to meet the high expectations of every homeowner.

Enhance Your Property with Professional Landscape Lighting

Shine’s custom landscape lighting services elevate the aesthetic and safety of your property. Our superior lighting solutions not only create a unique ambiance but also enhance security by making your outdoor areas more accessible and less appealing to intruders.

From planning and design to installation and ongoing care, our team handles every detail of your landscape lighting. We collaborate with you to craft a lighting plan that enhances both the architectural and natural beauty of your home, integrating lighting fixtures seamlessly.

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Benefits of Choosing Shine of Minnetonka for Landscape Lighting

Customized Lighting Techniques for Every Home

Unlock the full potential of your property with Shine of Minnetonka’s customized lighting techniques, specifically designed to highlight the best features of your home and enhance its charm throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to create a warm welcome for guests, improve nighttime safety, or simply showcase your home’s architecture and gardens, our tailored lighting solutions are perfect for any need.

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Spotlight spectacular trees such as the stately Bur Oak or charming Paper Birch, adding depth and drama to your property’s landscape. This technique also illuminates unique architectural elements, providing a stunning visual impact after dusk.

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Downlighting & Pathways

Gentle lights along pathways and overhead create a serene, moonlit look, perfect for enhancing visibility and adding a touch of elegance. Ideal for walkways adorned with local flora like Silver Maple and Blue Beech, this lighting invites safe and scenic nighttime strolls.

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Illuminate architectural features and stone pathways with embedded lights that reveal the intricate textures and colors of natural stone, enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor living spaces.

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Speciality String Lights

String lights add a playful touch to gatherings, strung between branches or along architectural features, they set the mood for memorable evenings with friends and family.

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Bring your garden to life at night by highlighting distinct plants like the vibrant Hydrangea or the sculptural Weigela. Strategic lighting placement transforms your outdoor areas into inviting spaces perfect for evening relaxation.

Revitalize Your Minnetonka Home with Professional Lighting from Shine


Let Shine transform your outdoor spaces with custom landscape lighting that enhances both the functionality and the beauty of your home. Visualize tranquil gardens lit for relaxation, vibrant patios ready for evening gatherings, and your home’s best features highlighted with artistic lighting.

Reach out today to learn how Shine of Minnetonka can illuminate your property and turn it into the gem of the neighborhood.

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