Cleaning Windows in the Cold, Winter Months

Is it too soon to clean my windows in cold weather?

(Hint: The answer is a resounding NO!). See our February Special below!

This time of year, many people in the metro Denver area, and throughout Colorado are hesitant to have their windows cleaned. We often hear people wanting to wait, because they are worried about snow making the windows dirty again in a week. However, this belief is a myth! Don’t delay your winter window cleaning any longer.


Snow & Rain Will Not Make Your Windows Dirty!Shine of Littleton window cleaner

Professional winter window cleaning companies like Shine Window Cleaning can ensure that your windows stay clean, even in the snow and rain. This is because it is not the precipitation that causes spots on the glass, but the dirt and debris on the windows and house.

Professional window washing will eliminate unwanted debris/particles, reducing the impact of rain. Shine employs a “Water Fed Pole” method to completely clean the windows, using PURIFIED water, so that when precipitation makes contact, there is nothing to smear into the glass, ensuring your windows stay clean!

This technique prevents us from leaving soap on the windows. Instead, regardless of the weather, your windows will appear just as spotless as before.

Shine offers interior and exterior window cleaning. Get your free estimate today. 


Water Fed Pole vs Squeegee Cleaning

Even the best squeegee in the hands of a pro glass cleaner leaves a small amount of soap. Particles in the air, then, can stick to this soap and build up more quickly. Shine’s Water Fed Poles with purified water slows the future buildup of dirt/debris on the glass.

Water fed pole system by Shine

Your windows can be cleaned really well with a proper mix of soap and wiping with a squeegee – this is very good for cleaning windows. However, after cleaning thousands and thousands of windows, our cleaning techniques leave your windows cleaner, and longer.

Cooler air can often make it easier to clean your windows. In some circumstances, the hot summer sun can induce streaking. Regular cleanings are suggested to keep windows clean all year and to help them last longer. Ask about our subscription options to keep your windows in tip-top shape all year round!

The air quality in Colorado, which includes particulates, smoke, pollen, etc. often has fewer pollutants and debris in the winter and early spring, which slows the buildup of debris on your windows. Winter and early spring are ideal times to get your windows cleaned since there are fewer pollutants, the air is fresher, and the weather is colder.


A Few More Reasons to Have Shine of South Metro Denver Clean Your Windows:

Clean windows brighten up your home (and mood). They make your house look better, and let more sunlight inside. And let’s face it – this can really help brighten the mood while staring out the windows during those cold, drab days!

Scheduling flexibility. Although the weather can affect what days we can work, our schedule really fills up in the Spring/Summer, and there are more opportunities to fit in the schedule over the next month or two.


Castle Rock Shine of Littleton - winter window cleaningFebruary Offer – 20% off Winter Window Cleaning Packages over $200

Brighten up your home and enjoy a crystal-clear view of the beautiful Colorado scenery. Schedule your window cleaning in February and receive 20% off all window cleaning and/or interior cleaning packages over $200. The offer expires on February 28, 2023.

Enjoy a clear view of the beautiful scenery that only Colorado can offer. Whether you’re looking at the mountains, forests, snow banks, or your kids playing outside, you’ll have a better view and catch more sunshine with clean windows.


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