Is Your Home Ready For Christmas?

As sweater weather rolls around, so does the festive season. Planning ahead will ensure you can get the maximum enjoyment out of the season, and less of the stress. Take one less to-do off your list by taking care of your holiday lighting early.

Tis the Season for Shopping, Entertaining, and Parties

The holiday season is a time of joyous get-togethers with friends and family, but along with it comes a to-do list about as long as your arm! From party planning to gift shopping, the stress begins to rise.

House decorating can be a monumental task in itself. When it comes to lighting, not only must you find the right lights, but you also have to safely connect all the extension cords and reach precarious spots to hang up those lights.

Getting it done safely and properly is a challenge. One way of bypassing all the hassle and focusing on the joy of the holiday season is to get a professional like Shine to handle the holiday lighting for you.

Why Hire Shine for Your Holiday Lighting? 


The major risk when hanging Christmas lights is the possibility of hurting yourself. It’s no surprise that thousands of people hurt themselves during this process each holiday season. Falling off ladders and roofs is very common, while others hurt themselves carrying around ladders or heavy boxes of decorations.

Another major concern is safely and properly installing lights. When done incorrectly, lighting and equipment can quickly become a fire hazard. Christmas lights can catch fire and cause costly damage not only to your property – but you also risk injuring your loved ones.

Safety is our top priority at Shine. We make sure that the proper outdoor lights are used, that they are not damaged in any way, and that the extension cords are properly connected.

Custom Design 

The next reason to hire is Shine is for the custom designs we offer. Getting it done your way is also our specialty. It’s important to us that the lighting design is done exactly to your specifications. Whether it’s just a few strands of light or a full-on, creative light display- we are able to customize it to your wishes.

During our first consultation, our designer will work with you to explain how lighting works and what the process entails. Then, you can share your vision with us and we will create a plan to fulfill it. Finally, once a draft has been prepared, we will work according to your schedule to get it installed. Our solutions are flexible and can fit any home.


Last but not least, hiring Shine ticks one huge item off your to do list. Just imagine – all the pretty lights to brighten your holiday season without any of the stress. By taking the installation out of your hands, you don’t have to dig decorations out of your closet, no need to spend hours untangling lights, and no worries about the lights blowing a fuse.

Ready to get started?

Shine’s Six-Step Solution 

  • Our designer will meet with you to discuss your vision and to create a plan. Once you approve of the plan, we will get to work.
  • Only the highest quality lighting will be provided to bring your vision to life.
  • Our team will install the lights properly and safely.
  • In the event of any issue with your lights, our team will fix it promptly.
  • When it’s time to take down your lights, we come in to take them down.
  • The lights will be packed and stored away at our facility until next year.

Get a head start and contact us today!



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