The Best Halloween Lights To See In Dallas, Texas

Summer is out and fall is on the way. While 2021 has been a tough year overall, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

The holiday season is chugging forward full-speed and ready to dazzle your socks off. If you’ve been thinking of fun and safe ways to spend your vacation, never fear! Texas is a state where everything is big and bold.

We have a list of the best Halloween lights to see in Dallas Texas and Austin Texas. Get your cameras and phones out, because these light shows absolutely cannot be missed.

Getting Prepared For The Halloween Light Show

There’s still just enough time between now and today’s best Halloween light shows. Before we get started on the best Halloween lights in Dallas and Austin, we’ll share some practical advice to get the most out of your experience.

Texas was the recipient of an extreme cold snap earlier this year, ruining homes and leaving many without power. It’s important to stay safe and make necessary preparations, even during something as simple as a light show.

Before you have a blast, make sure you have the following items:

  • A warm jacket or sweater (preferably both)
  • Gloves
  • Thick socks
  • A face mask (keeps you safe and keeps your face warm!)
  • Comfortable snow boots

“With the holidays almost here, people start thinking about all of the things that they love about this season. For many homeowners, decorating the home with Christmas lights is one of their favorite ways to express their holiday cheer. A well-decorated home will look great and it is a fun way to get people in the spirit of the season.”

  1. Pumpkin Nights

The creme de la creme of Halloween light shows in Texas is the famed Pumpkin Nights. Named after their dedication to the iconic Halloween pumpkin, this is one experience that your family will hold with them for life.

Originating in Minnesota, Pumpkin Nights now showcases their collective talent and imagination in five major American cities.

Pumpkin Nights boasts a wealth of dazzling pumpkin-themed lanterns, standees, and original carvings. Once you’re done taking a slew of photos, consider staying for their legendary 40-foot dragon or their chilling ghost ship. Children with active imaginations will delight in the fantasy world they’ve entered!

That said, very young children might still find these locations a little spooky. Make sure to consider what your family will be comfortable with before going!

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  1. Frights’n Lights

Debuting in the Dallas-Fort Worth region in sunny Frisco, Frights’n Lights is a brand new Halloween show ready to set your Halloween alight.

They pride themselves on being the ultimate Instagrammable event, offering up glowing renditions of popular pop horror characters from Pennywise to Jason. Not content to stick with a modern approach, they bring back the pumpkin patch, craft sessions, and fun games.

When you’re hungry, you’ll have plenty to enjoy with their Halloween-themed food, drink, and treats.

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  1. Switchgrass Street on Celina

The best Halloween lights to see in Dallas and Austin aren’t just big events. The Lone Star state is overflowing with vibrant neighborhoods eager to show off their creative side.

Switchgrass Street is home to massive houses with even more massive decorations. Expect to see odes to werewolves, skeletons, and vampires when you pull up. Not only are these Halloween decorations a lot of fun, they go the extra mile to keep everyone in the community connected.

“It’s thought that having a lot of Christmas decorations can help signal to your neighbors that your family is friendly and sociable. There have even been studies done on this topic! If you’ve recently moved into a new neighborhood, or would like to get to know more of your neighbors better, a stunning holiday light display could actually be the answer.”

  1. Tucker Hill on McKinney

Are you really feeling the holiday spirit? This festive neighborhood is quite popular during both Halloween and Christmas.

Pumpkin patches, glittering light shows, and the well-known Dallas Porch Fest round out Tucker Hill. For those unaware, Porch Fest is an annual celebration celebrating food, community, and the arts.

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  1. Tanglewood Dr. on McKinney

Are you worried Halloween celebrations will be a little too scary for your children? This new local set-up is a great way to ensure the entire family gets to enjoy the spooky classics.

Browsing the creative efforts of your neighbors has another useful element, too. You’ll gain all sorts of artistic insight into your next holiday decoration extravaganza. Who knows? Maybe your house will become the showstopper of next year!

“Putting up your Christmas lights doesn’t simply mean you climb a ladder and string some lights across the front of your home. Wouldn’t that be great though?! The process of installing your outdoor lights actually comes with a lot of intense preparation time. In fact, you can count on spending at least a few dedicated days to the preparation and installation.”

house covered in lights and halloween decorations

What Are You Waiting For?

There’s plenty to see and only so much time to see it. Take a few minutes to clear out a few days in your schedule for October, because the best Halloween Lights in Dallas and Austin won’t last forever.

Before heading out to see the best Halloween lights in Dallas and Austin, make sure you’re bundled up properly for the weather. Get a good jacket, extra mask, and shoes that can hold up to the sleet and snow. The more cozy you are, the easier it is to focus on building warm memories.

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