How To Set Up Christmas Lights Synchronized to Music

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The magical season of Christmas will be upon you before you know it. How are your Christmas decorations looking?

Families across the country are eagerly cooking up Christmas decoration ideas even as you read this. Some may want to go straight for the classics of a snowman or reindeer in the front yard. Others may feel like shaking things up and trying more dynamic approaches.

Who says you can’t have both? A classic and dynamic Christmas decoration everyone’s bound to love are synchronized lights. Let’s talk about how to set up Christmas lights synchronized to music, as well as some creative ideas and general safety tips.

What Are the Most Popular Christmas Decorations?

Not sure where to get started? One of the fun details about the holidays is deciding whether or not to go classic or shake things up a little.

Statistia found out Americans spend around 60 dollars on average for Christmas decorations, compared to an average of 40 dollars a decade ago. The reasons cited for this include the joy of socializing, especially away from home. The popularity of social media has no doubt played a part in this increase, as everyone loves to snap candid photos of beautiful locations!

Keeping It Classic

There’s nothing wrong with going for familiar decorations when you’re short on time and money. Some of the most classic Christmas decorations today include:

  • Inflatable snowmen
  • Inflatable Santa Claus
  • Reindeer statues
  • Elf statues
  • Christmas wreaths for the door, mailbox, or garage

Adding a Fun Twist

Are you thinking of throwing yourself into a creative new project? Adding a fun twist to your Christmas decorations can include:

  • Music synchronization lights
  • Snow-themed fantasy creatures (such as yetis)
  • Custom built snow mazes

“Decide which parts of your home and yard would benefit the most from holiday lighting and consider decorating architectural features to help draw attention to the main lights. Stringing lights and decorations across pillars, eaves, posts, windows, and doors are a great way to add to the look.”

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Should I Synchronize Christmas Lights To Music By Myself?

Making the plunge to sync Christmas lights to music can be a little intimidating. The cold weather and slippery nature of winter increases your risk of accidents while setting things up.

The first question on your personal holiday list: how many Christmas lights do you want and where do you want to put them? If you’re going for a more modest set-up — such as around your fence or doorway — then you’re in a good spot for a DIY project.

If you’re thinking of a more extravagant result, such as all around the house, then it’s highly recommended you ask for professional help. Not only will a professional installation service be much faster, you lower your risk of wasted time and possible injuries.

“Are you considering hiring a professional light installer this Christmas season? It’s not a bad idea; avoid the hassle of dealing with tangled strands of lights and have the best-decorated house on the block — all without lifting a finger.”

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Need some help making your Christmas lights dance to music? Shine Window Cleaning has the tools and experience to make this your most dazzling — and convenient — holiday season yet.

How To Make Christmas Lights Go With Music

Whether you want the DIY route or are thinking of hiring professional help, you need to know how your Christmas lights work. There are several types available today designed to sync up with your home computer, laptop, or phone.

Smart Bulbs

These light bulbs come with a built-in app that instantly sync up with your smart devices, such as an Android phone or a modern home entertainment center. Philips Hue Bridge is a popular choice if you don’t feel particularly computer savvy, but still want room to be ambitious.

Light Controllers

Ambitious and elaborate Christmas light designs often come with light controllers: these all-in-one packages come with light bulbs, software, and music. Brands you can try include Light-O-Rama or Vixen, though keep in mind they have a steep learning curve.

Choosing the Best Songs To Go With Decorations

Now that you’re learning how to set up Christmas lights synchronized to music…you need to pick the music! Holiday classics are the go-to option, but your house will stand out more with different song selections.

  • Pop and rock singles from the top 40 radio hits
  • Disney songs
  • Local indie music (support your small creators!)

Remember to choose songs that aren’t too crass or sexual, as you might end up irritating your neighbors.

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Setting Up the Most Glittery Christmas Decorations of the Season

Now for the round-up! Learning how to set up Christmas lights synchronized to music is a little expensive, but it’s pretty approachable depending on your goals.

More modest set-ups can easily be accomplished with the aid of smart bulbs or a light controller software. Elaborate set-ups, on the other hand, are best left to the professionals. Attempting to hang up Christmas decorations are among the five most common personal injury causes during the holidays.

“We all know that there’s no better clean feeling than one that’s been professionally done. That’s why realtors hire people to deep clean a house before showing. Professional cleaning just has a better feel.”

Make 2021 your most memorable holiday season yet. Contact Shine Window Cleaning for a free estimate on light installation, window cleaning, and more.



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