How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Roof Cleaned?

The roof of a house isn’t the foundation, but we wouldn’t be safe without one. A roof keeps out the elements and gives us a safe place to live. However, it is exposed to rain, dirt, debris and can build up moss, mold, and other plant growth over time.

Being exposed to all of these elements can damage your home’s roof can be expensive to replace. Severe damage can lead to potentially needing a new roof altogether. Having your roof professionally cleaned regularly helps keep your roof in good condition.

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Average Cost to Clean a Roof

The national average cost to clean a fifteen hundred square foot roof is just over six hundred dollars. Many factors go into the price, such as location, size, and the type of cleaning.

Roof Cleaning Options Cost Per Square Foot

Most contractors charge by the square foot for professional roof cleaning. Larger roofs will have a higher cleaning cost. Charges range from between ten cents and sixty per square foot, but some companies charge differently.

There might also be extra charges for roofs that require extensive cleaning. For example, a roof with moss will need a chemical cleaning solution rather than just a pressure wash.

Roof Blow Cost

Roof blowing is the most basic type of cleaning. Cleaning crews will take a high-powered leaf blower to blow any debris or leaves on the roof. If you have leaves or residue on your roof, this option is an excellent choice as a general preventative—this service, on average, costs between five and ten cents per square foot.

Zinc Oxide Application Cost

Is your roof growing moss or algae? You know that it can’t be good for your health, but you might not know that there is a way to get rid of it. Zinc oxide treatment is a popular choice for these situations. It can also help to prevent future growth.

This treatment will have to be reapplied every year. Luckily it’s a very affordable option and runs between five and fifteen cents per square foot.

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Chemical Wash Cleaning Cost

They are sometimes referred to as a non-pressure wash where they use a chemical wash. Professional cleaners will first spray a cleaning solution onto the roof. This solution will help to kill algae and other plant life that is starting to grow.

Over time, these chemicals can weaken tiles, but overall, this wash doesn’t pose much risk to your roof. Professionals will know what to look for and notice any weaknesses in your roof before they clean.

This type of roof cleaning only cleans away moss and other growths on your roof. It won’t remove any leaves or debris. If you have a mossy roof, expect to pay between twenty and thirty cents per square foot.

Pressure Wash Cleaning Cost

Pressure washing your roof is the most popular method of roof cleaning. Professionals will use a pressure washer to remove debris, dirt, and some moss. This cleaning can also remove stains.

While your roof may need a good deep cleaning, pressure washing can cause some damage to weak tiles. It may remove moss, but it won’t remove it, and the algae will grow back. On average pressure, washing cleaning will cost between twenty and seventy cents per square foot.

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Low-pressure Roof Cleaning Cost

This cleaning service is similar to a high-pressure wash but with a lighter touch. Low-pressure cleaning uses gentle chemicals to clean. It won’t get rid of all stains but can clean up any debris and dirt. This is an excellent option for a regular cleaning that won’t risk damaging your roof for the cost of between thirty and seventy cents per square foot.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Cost

Soft wash cleaning is becoming popular with homeowners. The process is similar to other cleaning methods. Rather than a chemical cleaner, a bleach solution is first applied to the roof. This removes algae and cleans all of the debris and bacteria from the roof. The roof is then rinsed with water. This process costs between thirty and seventy-five cents per square foot.

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Roof Cleaning Cost by Material

Different roofing materials need specific types of cleaning materials. Some materials such as metal or asphalt shingles can affect the cost of cleaning per square foot.

Rubber Roof Cleaning Cost

Rubber roofs don’t typically develop moss or other plant growth. Dirt and stains will still accumulate, and a typical chemical wash is perfect for these roofs.

Wood Roof Cleaning Cost

While beautiful, a wooden roof doesn’t hold up to high pressure. Low-pressure options are best for wooden roofs. A professional cleaner will know what chemicals to use.

Tar and Gravel Roof Cleaning Cost

While not typical, these types of roofs use chemical washes that can rid them of mold and mildew.

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Slate Roof Cleaning Cost

These heavy tiles can easily dislodge and cause more damage to a roof. Low-pressure washing is best for these styles of roofing.

Roof Asphalt Shingles Cleaning Cost

These shingles are soft and pliable and must be handled with care. A soft wash is commonly the best option, as high power washes can damage the tiles and the structure below.

Metal Roof Cleaning Cost

Metal roofs are durable and can easily withstand high-powered washes. Chemicals don’t seem to bother them either, but moss has a hard time growing on these types of roofs unless there is standing water.

Concrete Roof Cleaning Cost

A concrete roof benefits from being cleaned with a soft wash; however, they commonly grow different algae and moss. If you have a concrete roof, you will most likely need chemicals.

Tile Roof Cleaning Cost

Ceramic and clay tiles are the most common, and both are very delicate. A soft wash is typically all these tiles can handle, and some chemicals are too harsh.

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