Common Mistakes Done With Pressure Washing

What is Pressure Washing and Why is it Important For Your Home?

Pressure washing is a speedy and highly effective method of cleaning housesconcrete surfaces, and other structures with a power washer to make homes look newer and younger. It easily allows for the removal of mildew and grime on a house while bolstering the appearance of sealingconcrete, and other hard-to-clean surfaces like decks and porchesPressure washing services have become increasingly popular over the years due to the range of benefits they can provide for homeowners, especially when they try to sell their house.

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DIY Vs. Professional Power Washing Services

There are a wide range of various benefits that come with doing a thorough cleaning of your home with pressure washing, but you may encounter several issues if you go about it in the wrong way or use theincorrect equipment. Because mistakes can be easy to make- and because said mistakes can lead to somepretty costly home repairs– it’s often recommended that homeownersinvest in the services of a professional pressure washing company, like Shine. While they specialize in window cleaning, they also provide various other services, including pressure washinggutter cleaningholiday light hanging, and more. They will also ensure that your whole house is cleaned effectively and won’t miss those hard-to-reach nooks that DIY pressure washers can easily overlook.

But if you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn more about thecostly issues that pressure washing mistakes can create for your home and why it’soften better to rely on the services of a professionally trained company.

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The Common Pressure Washing Mistakes to Watch Out For

Two Shine employees power washing and brushing off a client’s metallic roof.

There are five primary mistakes that homeowners tend to fall into when it comes to pressure washing their homes without investing in a professional service. Some of them are more frequently encountered than others, but homeowners need to bemindful of all of them if they choose to DIY pressure wash their house to avoid potentially costly damage. These mistakes include:

Using the Incorrect Equipment For the Job

Generally speaking, there aretwo basic kinds of pressure washers available on the market; those that use cold water and those that use hot water. Each category contains a range of machines and brands that vary in terms of their overall quality and ability to sufficientlyclean specific structures without causing damage. For DIY pressure washers to be as successful as possible in cleaning their homes, they need a quality pressure washer that works right for the job.

However, most DIYers have no idea what type of equipment would be best for the job, and many of them end up wasting a considerable amount of time and money to experiment with equipment that deliversless-than-optimal results the first time around. Not only will this leave their homesnot sufficiently clean despite their efforts, but it also has the potential to lead to different types of home damage that may require costly repairs to be adequately fixed.

Naked Water Pressure Washing & Omission of a Cleaning Solution

Many homeowners who choose to DIY their pressure washing end up using a process called naked pressure washing, which involvesonly using water and not any specialized cleaning solution. Without a proper ratio of water to cleaning solution, the cleaning potential of a power washer is significantly reduced. Additionally, only using water in a power washer has the potential to spread aroundmold spores, which could infiltrate your house and lead to severe damages and the need for costly home repairs later down the line.

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Too Much Pressure and Not Enough Distance

When using the proper distance and pressure for the job, pressure washing can be a great way to get your house clean. Still,too much pressure and not enough space can lead to potentiallyserious damage, especially if you’re pressure washing your windows. This can cause the glass to shatter while shredding window screens, leading to the need for expensive repairs and replacements. Too much pressure can also easily strip away paint while carving gouges into wood structures and etchings into a home’s siding. If this occurs when using a naked pressure washing method, there is also an increased chance that mold could get into and start wreaking havoc on your home. This is probably the most commonly experienced issue that people face and is a significant reason many homeowners would save a lot of money using a professional house cleaning service.

Cleaning Your Home Out of Order

While this is not a permanent or potentially damaging problem, pressure washing your home out of order can essentially negate many of your overall cleaning efforts. Meaning that the money you paid to buy or rent your pressure washer was more or less for nothing. For example, if you pressure wash your windows before the rest of your house, they will quickly end up getting covered in grime again when you go to clean your home’s walls and siding. Generally speaking, it’s best to power wash your homefrom the bottom up while spraying in a horizontal, side-to-side motion. This will help you to ensure that you don’t accidentally miss any sections of the house. Also, remember to always hold the power washer at a 45-degree angle when spraying gutters and roof overhangs.

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Not Following Safety Precautions

When using a pressure washer, people mustwear the proper protective gear to keep themselves safe from harm or injury (including bootsgloves,protective eyewear, andlong sleeve shirts). Many DIY home pressure washers tend to forgo these safety precautions, which has led to several severe and costly injuries that could have easily been avoided had protective gear been used. Additionally, those who take on DIY pressure washing projects may end up injured if they don’t understand the effects of wind on the spray’s direction and performance.

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