How Much Will Gutter Cleaning Cost?

How Much Will Gutter Cleaning Cost?

Sometimes, being a homeowner can seem like one repair task and bill after another. It’s easy to push seemingly small tasks like gutter cleaning further and further down your list of priorities. Many homeowners don’t even think about their gutters until they notice water pouring off of their gutters — not flowing to the downspout — in a storm. Poor water drainage and puddles are just some of the signs that show it’s time to have your gutters cleaned.

You might be wondering how much, exactly, will gutter cleaning cost? Could doing a DIY gutter cleaning job be worth a little extra hassle?

The True Cost of DIY Gutter Cleaning

At first, doing your own gutter cleaning seems like it could be a great deal. However, there are many hidden costs to attempting this difficult, and at times dangerous, task. DIY gutter cleaning costs include ladders high enough to reach your roof, cleaning tools, personal protective equipment like gloves, and any fees from your local yard waste processing facility. You may even incur hospital bills from a high fall, cut, or other injury!

Gutter guards and screens can seem like a convenient alternative to regular gutter cleaning. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the cost of gutter guards is often more than the cost of professional gutter cleaning! Add-on products like gutter and leaf guards are not permanent or foolproof. You’re likely to find yourself paying to fix the guard or cleaning out gutters anyway!

Regular, professional gutter cleaning is the most cost-effective and foolproof way to keep your home’s gutters working well. Freely flowing gutters not only help your home look great, but are a preventative measure against damage caused by broken gutters or standing water.

Estimating Gutter Cleaning Costs

When it comes to professional gutter cleaning, cost estimating is a very personalized business! Your gutter cleaning pro will consider several factors including how many feet of gutters need to be cleaned, how much debris must be removed, and how many stories your home has.

Professional gutter cleaning also means you have skilled eyes checking out your gutter and roof areas. Your gutter cleaner will keep an eye out for any damage, holes, or other issues. This helps you save more money on home repair costs over time.

Your local Shine pros will provide you with a free, no-commitment gutter cleaning estimate, customized for your home and needs. When choosing Shine gutter cleaning services, you’ll have peace of mind with Shine’s 100% satisfaction guarantee — and more time to spend on things you enjoy. You don’t even need to be home while we work. Contact us today and we’ll get started right away on your in-person or online estimate!



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