5 Reasons to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Thinking of cleaning out your rain gutters?

Good idea! It’s about that time of year to make sure they are in working order for the fall and winter rains. Plus, we all know how important it is that they are in good working order.

But before you pull out the ladder and climb up there yourself, here are 5 reasons you may want to call in a Shine professional.


Cleaning out your gutters isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. In a perfect world, you would just climb up, clean them out, and be done with it. However, as experienced professionals in this area of service, we often run into the following issues:

  • Not only do you have to get up there with a ladder, it’s recommended you have someone to hold the ladder sturdy.
  • If you have to climb onto the roof – falls are common and dangerous.
  • The debris found in gutter can be infested, sharp, and should not be touched with your bare hands.
  • Some of the dirt can contain a lot of dust and pollen, which is then inhaled into your lungs and can get into your eyes.
  • There may be a surprise greeting you when you get up there – it’s not uncommon to find a wasps’ nest or other pests that can be difficult to handle.

With a licensed professional, insurance covers these potential risks. Our professional gutter cleaners are familiar with all of these safety issues so we take precautions and make sure to handle them in a proper manner without causing any harm to your home or your family.

2. Expertise

The next reason to hire a professional is because we get it done right the first time. With proper training and equipment that most people don’t have lying around their home (like two-story ladders) we can clear out those tricky blockages and downspouts with ease. We also have a wide range of experience with different types of gutters, so we are able to manage any problems that might come up quickly and efficiently.

3. Time

Doing it yourself is a time-intensive endeavor. After getting all your tools and equipment ready, you will still have to spend at least a whole afternoon cleaning out the gutters. With Shine, you can expect to get a free quote within the day. We can then schedule an appointment at your convenience, and you don’t even need to be around for us to complete the job. There’s also a range of payment options available to make the transaction easy and painless. Going forward, you can set up a recurring appointment with us to get your gutters cleared at regular intervals if you’d like. All of this means you don’t have to take time out of your day to worry about this maintenance task.

4. Preventative Inspection

While cleaning out your gutters, we will also inspect your entire roof drainage system to make sure that there are no problems. As professionals, we are trained to look out for signs and symptoms that most homeowners may easily miss. Any minor issues will be pointed out to you and we will provide solutions for how to address them. This allows you to catch them before they become full-blown problems.

5. Removal of pests/insects/nests

It’s no fun cleaning out a bunch of pests and that’s what you could find nesting in clogged up gutters and piles of damp, dead leaves. Ants, birds, bees, hornets, mosquitoes, termites, and wasps find these conditions very attractive and they won’t stop there – in time, they’ll start moving into your attic, causing contagion, damage and stress. We’re trained to handle the removal of a wide range of pests, insects, and nests to prevent them from getting too comfortable in your home.

Let us take the hassle out of cleaning your gutters this season and for those to come. We will ensure your drainage system is in perfect working order, will let you know of potential problems, and all while you are taking care of other important parts of your life.

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