Illuminate Your Property with Shine’s
Custom Landscape Lighting in Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Shine of Fort Lauderdale, where we bring light to the “Venice of America”. Fort Lauderdale is not only known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant cultural scene but also for its unique landscape of waterways and luxurious outdoor living spaces.

At Shine, we’re dedicated to enhancing these beautiful features with our professional landscape lighting services. Whether you live in the bustling downtown area or the serene suburbs, our team is equipped to illuminate your home’s best features with our state-of-the-art LED lighting products, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Illuminate Your Home with Professional Landscape Lighting

Transform your Fort Lauderdale home with Shine’s expert landscape lighting services. We specialize in creating custom lighting designs that enhance your property’s beauty, safety, and functionality. From highlighting architectural features to improving the ambiance of your outdoor living spaces, our solutions are tailored to fit your unique style and needs. Our process includes a comprehensive design consultation, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your system remains in top condition.

Outdoor lighting makes your home safer and more secure by deterring potential intruders and improving visibility, it also sets a perfect seasonal atmosphere that makes your property stand out. With Shine, you get high-quality products backed by a satisfaction guarantee and dedicated support. Whether you need to replace a bulb or plan a new feature, our local professionals are committed to ensuring your outdoor spaces are always inviting and well-lit.

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What Do You Get With Landscape Lighting From Shine?

Landscape Lighting Techniques

Fort Lauderdale’s diverse environments, from its sunny beaches to its vibrant gardens, provide the ideal backdrop for our landscape lighting services. Shine of Fort Lauderdale uses various lighting styles and techniques to enhance the natural beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces:

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Illumination that highlights Fort Lauderdale's palm trees and unique architectural elements, enhancing the natural charm of your property.

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Downlighting & Pathways

Soft, overhead lighting combined with pathway lights enhances safety and replicates the effect of natural moonlight, adding both beauty and functionality to your walkways.

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Lighting blends seamlessly into rock, stone, and other hardscape features, accentuating their texture and integrating naturally with your outdoor environment.

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Speciality String Lights

Charming bistro lights enhance pool areas, patios, and decks, perfect for setting a festive or relaxing mood in your favorite outdoor spaces.

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Accent lighting that brings out the vibrant colors and textures of your garden and lawn, making your home’s exterior both inviting and beautifully lit.

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Transform Your Fort Lauderdale Home with Landscape Lighting from Shine

Elevate your Fort Lauderdale home’s ambiance with Shine’s landscape lighting. Imagine your outdoor spaces transformed: gardens and pathways softly lit for evening enjoyment, patios brightened for gatherings, and your home’s architectural features accentuated. Our lighting turns your home into a place of warmth and charm, perfect for every outdoor moment in Fort Lauderdale’s lively atmosphere.

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